Arknights: Endfield Talos-II: Awakening Trailer Released

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Learn more about the history of Talos-II with the latest trailer for HYPERGLYPH’s Arknights: Endfield.

Designed to give more insight into Arknights: Endfield’s setting, players can learn more about the harsh alien world of Talos-II. Filled with various threats and disasters, players must overcome its supernatural catastrophe known as the Blight.

The trailer also puts the spotlight on The Endministrator, who battles new threats and catastrophes alongside Operator Perlica and Endfield Industries.

See it for yourself below:

Arknights: Endfield Special Trailer | Talos-II: Awakening

Along the way, players will take advantage of all-new gameplay mechanics and contents as they control a party of operators across Talos-II. Players will also complete missions, unlock new story chapters, and take on engaging challenges as they progress.

A 3D RPG with strategic elements, combat utilizes a real-time strategic system that has players operating multiple operators at the same time. As the story progresses, different factions and enemies will require players to use different tactics.

The team has announced the China technical test for Arknights: Endfield on the PC. The title will be released worldwide on PC and Android/iOS mobile devices.

Source: Press Release

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