Best Loot Spots in Fortnite OG

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Knowing the best spots for loot in Fortnite OG is the difference between getting clapped immediately and being the clapper. Of course, the map is randomized every time, but there are some spots you can try to drop for a better chance.

Best places to drop for loot in Fortnite OG

I was there. I was in the trenches way back in the old days. I fought on the original map of Fortnite and remember it like an old friend. With the return of Fortnite OG, I’ve been having flashbacks to the classic days of the game. 

Everyone has their favorite place to drop, whether it is because of its tactical spot on the map or for the choice of terrain available. However, here we’re going to take a look at the best spot to drop for loot in Fortnite OG.

Dusty Divot

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By far and away, one of the best places for loot in Fortnite OG is Dusty Divot. This spot holds a huge amount of chests and floor weapons for you to grab. However, you’re going to have to keep your head on a swivel while you’re there because this spot is super exposed. Also, everyone knows it is a hot spot for good loot, so you’ll never be alone. High risk, high reward, is the name of the game.

Tilted Towers

Best loot spots in Fortnite OG Tilted towers
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High towers and high amounts of loot. Tilted Towers is one of my favorite spots to see a return to Fortnite OG, and it’s for more than just the loot. This spot has so many buildings and so many floors to explore. This results in a ton of loot to get your hands on. 

Tilted Towers is a good spot to land because, although there will be a lot of other players, the buildings offer a lot of cover. For sure, one of my top places for the best loot in Fortnite.

Paradise Palms

Best loot spots in Fortnite OG
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Slightly out of the way, so maybe not as popular as many others, is Paradise Palms. Being on the bottom right of the map, you’re most likely only going to hit this spot right at the beginning of the game. Statistically, it isn’t going to be in the center of the circle. This makes it a perfect first spot to drop.

Besides its tactical advantages, it actually has an absolute ton of both ground loot and chests. If you can get yourself down there first, you could be in with some really solid Fortnite OG loot. However, the cover is rubbish, and you’re not going to be alone.

Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park
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It won’t be so pleasant when you rock up, grab a golden shotty, and start turning your enemies into dust. Although it isn’t the most abundant of places for loot, it certainly is up there. Like Paradise Palms, getting there early is key for the best loot in Fortnite OG due to its proximity to the edge of the map.

The layout of the area will set up some pretty tense run-and-cover situations, but with the right squad, you’ll be fine.

Tomato Temple 

Tomato temple
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This spot doesn’t have a ton of chests in Fortnite OG. It has 14, in comparison to Titled Towers’ 41. But it does have so much floor loot that it’s a must-visit for anyone looking to dust off a dirty floor weapon. Just make sure you bring the disinfectant spray.

I like this spot for its much more central location and good vantage spot. I also find it’s usually less populated. This is my little hidden secret for Fortnite OG loot.

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