Diablo 4 Holding Back the Flood walkthrough

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How do you complete Diablo 4 Holding Back the Flood? At an early point in the Season of the Malignant, you will get a quest to complete, asking you to progress through the Season Journey. These are, for the large part, relatively routine tasks for sure. However, the list of what you need to complete is surprisingly well-hidden.

So in order to help you tackle this task that’s part of Diablo 4 Season 1 unique quest lineup, we’ve compiled a list of all the objectives you need to complete in the RPG game. These range from odd jobs you completed in the main game, such as conquering Diablo 4 Strongholds, to collecting Diablo 4 Malignant Hearts – the season’s key resource.

How do you complete Diablo 4 Holding Back the Flood

To complete the Diablo 4 Holding Back the Flood season quest, you must finish chapters one and two of the Season Journey.

You can find the tasks you need to complete any of the seven chapters available throughout the season by pressing the U key and clicking on Season Journey to bring up the chapters. You don’t need to complete all of the objectives in each chapter, as the first one only requires seven of the nine objectives to be done to give you the rewards and unlock the next chapter. Here are all the objectives you need to complete in each of the two chapters:

Season Journey Chapter 1

  • Collect 15 Gallowvine.
  • Collect a Malignant Heart.
  • Complete any dungeon.
  • Complete a World Event.
  • Complete three dungeons in Fractured Peaks.
  • Complete a cellar.
  • Complete five priority or side quests.
  • Collect a Whispering key, sold at the Purveyor of Curiosities.
  • Salvage ten normal items at the Blacksmith.

Some of the challenges in Chapter 2 of the Seasonal Journey, which you must complete to finish the Diablo 4 Holding Back the Flood quest.

Season Journey Chapter 2

  • Complete ten cellars.
  • Collect three Malignant Hearts.
  • Conquer a Stronghold.
  • Craft any Chipped gem at the Jeweler.
  • Complete five Malignant Tunnels.
  • Reach level 25.
  • Collect 15 Demon Hearts from killing demons or in Cellars.
  • Change your gear’s appearance five times at the wardrobe.
  • Interact with ten waypoints.
  • Upgrade items twice at the Blacksmith or Jeweler.
  • Upgrade your healing potion to Minor at the Alchemist.

Those are all the season journey objectives you need to finish to complete the Diablo 4 Holding Back the Flood quest. We highly recommend that you prepare yourself for Varshan the Consumed, as they’re one of the more difficult challenges introduced in the new season.

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