How to complete Scission encounter in Root of Nightmares

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Roll on the second encounter of the Root of Nightmares raid. Expect frustration and multiple replays. The Root of Nightmares raid took players a total of two and a half hours to clear for the world first, but I know people spend longer than that just on this encounter (guilty). Once you figure out how to complete the Destiny 2 Scission encounter in Root of Nightmares, it’s just a case of getting a high-level team, who have mics, and can coordinate without griefing over comms. That’s not too much to ask, right?

Destiny 2 – Steps to complete Scission encounter in Root of Nightmares

First off, make sure you have the required level of 1770 to even start the raid — closer to the cap, the better. If you have got this far already, you’re probably doing fine, or have a team carrying you. Before you start, it’s necessary to ensure you have two designated runners and four designated crowd clearers. Six in a team are absolutely necessary for this section. Split up: one runner and two clearers to a side.

The premise of this section is simple: collect the buff, bring it to the other side of the map, and clear a plate. Rinse and repeat. Obviously, it isn’t that simple. There will be champions to defeat and a very short-timer to beat before the team gets wiped.


Screenshot by PC Invasion

The runner must stand under their orb, either light or dark, and shoot it to receive a buff. It is a good idea to communicate with the other players on your side so that they receive the buff at the same time. Once the runner has the buff, they need to use the boost pads along the side of their level to head to the opposite side. Once they reach it they need to cleanse the corresponding plate and make their way back to pick up another buff. Continue this process to complete the Scission encounter in Root of Nightmares


How to complete Scission encounter in Root of Nightmares - Destiny 2 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

On the side with the clearers, they need to keep the hordes at bay. Every time a plate is cleared, a shielded champion will appear. This champion can only be harmed when players have their corresponding buff. Try to stand in the field when the buff is applied.

Once the final plate is cleared on a section, a last champion will appear. Clear this as fast as possible and launch to the next level; this, and only this, will reset the timer. It’s time to start all over again to complete the Scission encounter in Root of Nightmares in Destiny 2: Lightfall.

complete Scission encounter in Root of Nightmares

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