How to fix Diablo 4 can’t log in “authentication pending” error

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If you are stuck on a screen prior to playing Diablo 4 that says, “Queued for login – Authentication pending,” then you might need to learn a few fixes. Bugs and errors, along with guides of all natures, are our specialty here at PC Invasion. We’re here to help you get past the “authentication pending” screen and get logged into Diablo 4.

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Can’t log in to Diablo 4: All bug and error fixes

Most often, when you log into Diablo 4, you’ll be placed in a queue that tells you how much time you have until you are allowed entrance into the game. However, if you’re experiencing a poor connection or the Diablo 4 servers are especially bad, you might not be able to log in, perpetually stuck on the “authentication pending” screen. Not to worry; try some of these fixes to log into Diablo 4.

Close out of Diablo 4 and try logging in again

Whether you are on a console or PC, the first thing you can do is force close out of Diablo 4 and try logging in again.

Sometimes, you might try to log onto Diablo 4 at a bad time and get stuck on an infinite queue screen. The least invasive fix is to close out and try again. However, if that doesn’t work, there are other fixes to try.

Power cycle your device

Screenshot via Blizzard

The issue might be the device you are playing Diablo 4 on. To make sure this isn’t an issue, you need to power cycle your PC or console.

To power cycle your PC or console, all you need to do is shut it down and wait 10 seconds. Then, pull the power cable out of the outlet and wait 10 seconds. Plug it back in and boot your system up again.

After power cycling your device, try logging into Diablo 4 again. Oftentimes, a quick refresh like this is enough to fix minor errors that could keep you from logging into Diablo 4.

Check your internet connection

Since Diablo 4 is a game that requires an internet connection, you need to check your internet connection to log into the game.

To do this, ensure your device is properly connected to the wifi. If you have a secure connection, then I recommend checking to see that your router is getting internet.

If both are true, the next step I recommend is using a wired ethernet connection from your device to your router. If you still can’t log on after trying all this, then you know the issue isn’t your internet.

Check Blizzard’s Twitter for updates

If you’re still having trouble logging into Diablo 4, the last thing you can do is check out the official Blizzard Twitter to see if they mention that the servers are down. Blizzard is on top of announcing when queue times are longer and what the update is, so be patient, and wait for Blizzard to fix the Diablo 4 servers.

Hopefully, one of these Diablo 4 fixes helps you get past the queue “authentication pending” screen and into the game. If any other Diablo 4 errors are plaguing you, like error code 34202, come back to PC Invasion for answers to your problems.

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