Is there Gotham Knights crossplay?

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Want to know if there is Gotham Knights crossplay? As a brand new Batman-themed co-op game, chances are you’re looking forward to playing this adventure alongside a trusted sidekick. Since the Gotham Knights release date is almost here, you may want answers on whether or not multiplayer is possible because you’re on a different platform to your friend.

More games in recent years have bridged the device gap, allowing anyone to play with everyone. However, just because a game has a multiplayer mode doesn’t mean that Gotham Knights crossplay will be there. Sometimes there are good reasons for this, as getting these machines to talk to each other can be too tricky.

Gotham Knights crossplay and cross-platform

Sadly, there is no Gotham Knights crossplay. The official Gotham Knights FAQ states that “crossplay support is not planned at this time”, but unfortunately doesn’t give any further reason beyond that brief statement.

This is not the end of the crossplay discussion, though, as the game releases on PC for both Steam and Epic Games Store. We’ve reached out to WB Games for clarification on whether players can buddy up with someone on the other launcher.

Those looking for information on cross-platform support for Xbox and PlayStation consoles will also be disappointed as both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions were cancelled, so you can only play on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 consoles.

Can I use third-party software to force local co-op?

If you’re hoping to use Parsec or Steam Remote Play to play Gotham Knights multiplayer, you’re out of luck here too. WB Games confirms in the same blog post that “Co-op mode can only be played online with an internet connection”, so there is no split-screen mode available. Thankfully, you don’t need to have an internet connection to play Gotham Knights solo.

That’s about it when it comes to Gotham Knights crossplay. We don’t like ending things on a negative note, but there’s no getting around that this time. To play Gotham Knights co-op, you must play on the same platform. If you’re still interested in playing the open world game, check out our primer on the Gotham Knight characters and the Gotham Knight skins you unlock as you venture through the crime-ridden streets.

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