Psychological Horror Game Stray Souls Announced

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Players will be able to uncover the secrets hidden within Aspen Falls with the release of Jukai Studio and Versus Evil’s psychological horror game Stray Souls.

A third person, action-horror that has been inspired by the classics of the genre, Stray Souls tasks players with fighting terrifying creatures, solving mind-bending puzzles, and unraveling a horrid family secret.

The title prides itself on simplified combat without massive loadouts, which has been designed to put the focus on strategizing combat tactics and resource management. In addition, Stray Souls also features dozens of clever puzzles that feature out of the box solutions to test players’ wit. Rounding things out are randomized systems that ensure enemy encounters, item locations, changing weather patterns, and strange phenomena occur in different spots.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Stray Souls – Official Announcement Trailer

The game will release in 2023 – in the meantime, all those interested can wishlist the title on Steam here.

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