Scarab farming locations guide for Cyno

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The vast desert of Sumeru awaits you in Genshin Impact, and this destination has a lot of items for you to collect. Scarabs, in particular, are quite necessary, though they can be quite a pain to locate. Here’s our Genshin Impact Scarab farming locations guide to help you acquire the materials needed for characters like Cyno.

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Genshin Impact Scarab farming locations guide for Cyno

Scarabs in Genshin Impact are basically dung beetles, rolling little balls of poop along the desert. You might chuckle when you first see them, but, eventually, you’ll rue the day that you ever felt the need to acquire more. That’s because their colors tend to blend easily when next to sand dunes or cavernous floors. Worse, since they’re mobs, they’d disappear if you so much as hit them. You could make them respawn if you teleport away from the area, but it can be annoying. In any case, here are the Scarab farming locations I’ve discovered in Genshin Impact.

In some areas, you can just use a fast travel point, then grab the ones nearby. Examples include Aaru Village, Dune of Elusion, Sobek Oasis, and Dar al-Shifa. I’ll also make note of some specific locations that can save you some time, as opposed to running all over the desert.

Northeast: Khaj-Nisut

You’ll find four if you go west from the fast travel point in Khaj-Nisut. Two are on the steps leading to the fortress (seen in the image below), and a couple more are on a ridge beyond that (as seen in this guide’s featured image).

Genshin Impact Scarab Locations Cyno Farm Guide 1b

Northeast: Mountain between Khaj-Nisut and Aaru Village

Between Aaru Village and Khaj-Nisut, you’ll see two teleporters. Both of these happen to have these critters. For the southern teleporter, just check the corner next to the wind current. As for the northern teleporter, they’re right next to the cart.

Genshin Impact Scarab Locations Cyno Farm Guide 2

Northwest: Garden of Endless Pillars

You can find four Scarabs in Genshin Impact if you go to the Garden of Endless Pillars domain. Two are on the sand dune, and two additional ones are down below (they might be hidden in the shrubs).

Genshin Impact Scarab Locations Cyno Farm Guide 3a

Northwest: Tomb of Carouses

This one requires you to complete the Tomb of Carouses puzzle. Ride the wind current to the top floor to find these insects.

Genshin Impact Scarab Locations Cyno Farm Guide 3b

Southeast: Between Dune of Elusion and Valley of Dahri

The teleporter to the southeast has some of these materials close by. The first one is on a pillar behind the teleporter itself. The others are on a rock formation, the nearby sand dune, and a flat stone beyond the camp.

Gen Pct Smr Fr Scr Btl Gd 1

Mausoleum of King Deshret: Opet Hall

This assumes that you’ve done the Golden Slumber quest chain, as you otherwise won’t have access. Anyway, use the teleporter north of the Mausoleum of King Deshret. Grapple across the gaps to reach the steps of Opet Hall. There are three Scarabs to the left of the steps and one on the right.

Gen Pct Smr Fr Scr Btl Gd 2

Mausoleum of King Deshret: Southwest

Use the southwest fast travel point this time, and grapple to get up the sloping path/vines. Two Scarabs are crawling on the ground, while another can be found if you blow the dust pile with Anemo. The last one is inside the temple with a beam puzzle.

Gen Pct Smr Fr Scr Btl Gd 3

Aaru Village

You can pick up four Scarabs in Genshin Impact instantly, but this can only be done once. Head to Aaru Village and go to the temple behind Candace’s house. A kid named Nawaz will approach you. Talk to him and he’ll hand over some of the materials.

In any case, these are just some of the Scarab farming locations in Genshin Impact. They can be tough to farm due to traversal issues and whatnot, so my advice is to focus on the areas that have several that can be acquired quickly. Moreover, if you’re not pulling for Cyno, then you can just wait a while as there’s no need to gather too much so soon.

Gen Pct Smr Fr Scr Btl Gd 4

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