The 10 best weapons in Dave the Diver

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Dave the Diver has a great selection of weapons to pick from to blast the hell out of anything that moves under the waves. Who knew that deep sea diving would need an arsenal that puts 90’s action movies to shame? Either way, there is a lot to choose from, and deciding which ones are the best for you can be a bit of a struggle when faced with so many options. These are the weapons in each category that I found the most useful and, therefore, the best in Dave the Diver.

10 best weapons in Dave the Diver

The weapons come in three categories. There are the melee weapons for the up close and personal fish dispatching, the guns for when you wanna pick off a fish from a distance, and the harpoon: Dave the Divers‘ favorite weapon.

Best harpoons

The original and the best.

Super Alloy Harpoon Gun

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Obviously, the best thing you can do to your harpoon gun is upgrade it all the way to the max. At the final level, the harpoon gun has 40 damage and 8 range making it more powerful than all guns before you start to upgrade them. The tried and tested harpoon can still be one of Dave the Divers best weapons.

Tranquilizer Harpoon Tip

This is a must-have for catching fish both without damage and really very simply. The Harpoon tip has a 45% chance to put the fish to sleep instantly, and if that fails, well, you’ve still done harpoon damage. This is the perfect weapon for Jellyfish, Tuna, and Marlin.

Poison Harpoon Tip

Opt for this one if you are about to face a boss battle in Dave the Diver. The constant damage is a godsend when you are only able to get one or two quick jabs in before fleeing. The constant damage that chips away at the enemy’s health makes it a surefire way to stay on top of fights while avoiding damage.

Best guns

Underwater guns, who would have thunk it?

Sniper Rifle

It has the range, it has the power, but it kind of doesn’t really have the magazine. Regardless, it is a fantastic choice for picking off fish from a distance. With starting damage of 30 and a range of 20, nothing really comes close for long-range damage.

X best weapons in Dave the Diver

Screenshot by PC Invasion

The thing I like most about the Sniper Rifle is its upgradability. The base stats are good, but once you change its specialty, it becomes lethal. The Flame Sniper is one of the best guns in Dave the Diver simply due to its long-range burning damage. Perfect for the bigger fish.

Steel Net Gun

High-quality meat is the name of the game in Dave the Diver, and the Steel Net Gun may be the best weapon for the job. At its fully upgraded state, this weapon can catch up to 7 fish at the same time, provided Dave the Diver herds them to the right spot. Not only does it catch the fish instantly, but it also keeps the meat at 3-star quality.

Grenade Launcher

Weapon Shop

Screenshot by PC Invasion

I shouldn’t really have to explain why this is one of the best weapons in Dave the Diver. It’s a grenade launcher, and it launches grenades, at sharks. It also has a fantastic range, and at its level three state, it does 46 damage.

Additionally, the grenades have a radius of damage. This makes it one of the best guns in Dave the Diver for clearing up whole schools of small fish, as long as you don’t mind having to sieve them out of the sea.

Best melee weapons

Up close and personal.

Dive Knife

X best weapons in Dave the Diver

Screenshot by PC Invasion

You can’t fault the trusty Dive Knife. It might not be the most powerful weapon in the game, and it may not be the sexiest, but it’s always there for Dave the Diver in a pinch. When all else fails and you’re out of ammo, have a swing with your knife and see what happens.

As the game progresses, it becomes possible to upgrade Dave the Divers Dive Knife to be able to harvest strong rocks. It also rises in the ranks of best weapon with its improved damage.


It’s a shovel, and it does shovelin’. This weapon, although it may seem like a comedy addition, actually delivers some serious damage at a huge 16 points. It doesn’t turn up very often and doesn’t have any fancy extras, but it’s a shovel, and it’s as trusty as you would expect.

Sharp Japanese Sword

Not to be mistaken for the Rusty Japanese Sword, this blade comes in as one of the best melee weapons in Dave the Diver due to its charged attack. Holding down your attack will deliver a whopping 32 damage for anything unlucky enough to be within range.

Best weapon honorary mention

The chosen one.



Screenshot by PC Invasion

The hammer of Thor resides in the depths of Dave the Diver and is easily one of the best melee weapons in the game. The only reason it doesn’t make the main list is due to its incredibly low drop rate.

However, it is a blast to use and delivers 30 damage with a charged attack, spreading 80% of the damage to nearby enemies.


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