A new Splitgate game is in development as 1047 Games moves on

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A new Splitgate game is in development, FPS game developer 1047 Games announced in a blog post, but it means the current Splitgate won’t be getting anything new after its upcoming season and won’t be available on the Epic Games Store. Splitgate will exit early access on September 15 when the new season begins, but 1047 will avoid adding any substantial new features to the game. The plan is saving their previous goals and dreams for Splitgate for the new game, though the team will continue to maintain Splitgate’s servers and refresh the in-game shop.

As for what the new Splitgate game will be, 1047 is keeping somewhat silent, only saying it will have portals, will be an FPS game built on Unreal Engine 5, and it will be a free-to-play game like its predecessor.

“Splitgate achieved a level of success that we could not have anticipated and that few indie games are fortunate to reach,” 1047 said in the blog post. “That initial success brought an opportunity to turn what started as a college dorm dream project into a AAA game that could stand toe-to-toe with shooters from the biggest publishers in the industry.”

“But this also meant that as we’ve brought on top-tier talent from across the industry, we’ve spent a lot of our time trying to rework old content and systems that were originally built by a handful of people.”

It is, admittedly, not a tremendous surprise. Splitgate’s significant popularity took almost everyone by surprise, including 1047 themselves, and there’s been remarkably little news about new updates or the major plans 1047 had in store for the game.

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