Albion Online Addresses Rampant Hacking – Hackers’ Alt Accounts Also at Risk

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Over the past few days, Albion Online’s Community Manager Mytherceria took to Reddit to respond to several posts complaining, and sometimes showcasing, hackers in game.

The Reddit posts outlined a number of different hackers, some of which blatantly streamed their own exploits without fear of repercussion. After responding to several posts providing evidence, Mytherceria concluded with confirmation that the team is working on specialized tools to deal with hackers, though further details were not provided:

“Hey, all hackers and their alt accounts are being banned. We can’t reveal too many details about this as we’re working on the case. On top of that, we are always working on optimizing our tools for identifying and banning such hacks. If you’ve come across one of these hackers in-game please write to []( so that they can look into the report and assist you further.”

– Mytherceria, Community Manager, Albion Online

Albion Online has been working on banning hackers and RMT sellers for the past few months, and despite the positive ground they’ve made in ridding the game of exploiters, it seems that there is still quite a bit of work left to do. The team altogether has banned more than 3200 accounts for selling currency. Albion Online also has another big game update on the way. Call to Arms is headed to the game March 17th, with a new playable faction, a revamped faction warfare system and much more.

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