Albion Online Devs Detail Power Cores and Their Impact on Hideout Headquarters

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Albion Online continues announcing changes that are set to open up the world for both exploration and PvP. The newest dev talk introduces Power Cores and Headquarters Hideouts, linking these PvP options for guilds and open world adventurers coming in Lands Awakened.

With the stated emphasis on opening up the world for both exploration and making PvP something you can engage in in all different places, at varying threat levels, this new goal fits right in.

Hideout  Power Cores present a new capturable open-world objective  that can spawn anywhere in the Outlands in a shielded state. While they’re shielded, you will find them marked on a map, but you can’t interact with them. Eventually though, the shield will drop and players on foot can pick it up and carry the captured core. If that player carrying the core is killed or drops it, it will stay there for a few minutes before it dissipates, creating an opportunity for another player to pick up the core and try to get it back to the Hideout.

Power Cores are of course, a valuable resource in Albion Online, and bringing them home will increase your Hideouts’ power level, giving a bonus to crafting. Following up on the recent announcement of  Might and Favor, If you are a member of the party that captures cores you’ll get bonuses to both. Power cores will appear in the Outlands more frequently than Energy Vertices, so they’ll be open for smaller groups to be able to claim and keep trying to bring them home.

HQ Hideouts are related because a qualifying guild can name a Hideout their HQ. If you keep the power running through Energy Vortices or capturing Power Cores, you can make sure your HQ is invulnerable to attack as long as you maintain it.

For the full look at both of these intersecting features, see the Albion Online site.

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