All Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant Druid changes: Buffs, nerfs, and more

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Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard released the Patch Notes for Patch 1.1.0 of Diablo 4, which they described as “super chonky.” They weren’t kidding. Every class has received a plethora of changes based on balance and player feedback, ready for the game’s first Season. This guide lists all the buffs, nerfs, bug fixes, and changes to Druids in Season of the Malignant.

All Druid changes and bug fixes in Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the days of Shred being able to deal billions of damage are now over. Druids have received a bunch of bug fixes in Diablo 4‘s 1.1.0 update. Thankfully, most of them are beneficial to the player.

  • Fixed an issue where Earth skills and the Pulverize skill would consume two Overpower buffs simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue where the bonus effect on Blood Howl from Nighthowler’s Aspect would apply twice to Wolf companions but not at all for Ravens.
  • Fixed an issue where Provocation passive stacks wouldn’t update properly after adding more points to it.
  • Fixed an issue where the automatic transformation from Insatiable Fury would cause the Ursine Strength key passive to not proc consistently.
  • Fixed an issue where the Enhanced Pulverize buff would not remove itself while in town.
  • Fixed an issue where seeking Tornados produced by Stormchaser’s Aspect would not deal damage.
  • Fixed an issue where Ravens’ passive damage did not improve after the skill was upgraded.
  • Fixed an issue where Rabies would deal no damage while standing very close to an enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where Stormclaw’s Aspect allowed Shred to do extreme amounts of damage.

All Druid buffs in Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant

Now for the good part. Druids have received a good number of buffs in Season of the Malignant, noticeably improving Cataclysm and Spirit Boons. Here are all buffs Druids have received in Patch 1.1.10. 


  • Enhanced Claw Attack Speed bonus increased from 10% to 15%.
  • Boulder damage increased from 33% to 46%.
  • Prime Lacerate healing increased from 3% to 5%.
  • Cataclysm Lightning damage increased from 64% to 77%, and Tornado damage from 19% to 23%.
  • Supreme Cataclysm Vulnerable duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Prime Cataclysm duration increased from 2 to 4 seconds.
  • Werebear Skill Damage increased by ~25%.
  • Werewolf Skill Damage increased by ~25%.

Spirit Boon

  • Prickleskin Thorns increased from .1 to .15
  • Iron Feather Maximum Life increased from 10% to 14%.
  • Bolster Fortify increased from 10% to 15% of Maximum Life.
  • Overload damage increased from .2 to .25.


  • Spirit Glyph’s bonus now affects all damage instead of just Core Skills.


  • Aspect of the Calm Breeze Lucky Hit chance increased from 5-10% to 7-12%.
  • Balanced Aspect Maximum Spirit increased from 30-50 to 60-80.
  • Aspect of the Tempest damage bonus increased from 7-15% to 10-18%.
  • Skinwalker’s Aspect healing increased from .05-.1 to .07-.12.
  • Symbiotic Aspect Cooldown reduction reduced from 4-8 to 3-5.
  • Aspect of the Stampede damage bonus increased from 10-20 to 16-26%.
  • Shepherd’s damage bonus increased from 6-8% to 6-10%.


  • Insatiable Fury Werebear Skill Ranks increased from 2 to 3.
  • Mad Wolf’s Glee Werewolf Skill Ranks increased from 2 to 3.

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All Druid nerfs in Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant

Diablo 4 Druids

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Druids have a relatively low number of nerfs in patch 1.1.0, thanks to previous balance patches. Most noticeably, Grizzly Rage has been significantly nerfed, only granting Unstoppable for six seconds rather than the entire duration. Here are the few nerfs Druids received in Season of the Malignant. 


  • Storm Strike Damage Reduction reduced from 25% to 15%.
  • Prime Grizzly Rage now grants Unstoppable for 6 seconds instead of while active.
  • Total Armor while in Werebear Form reduced by ~25%.
  • Total Armor while in Werewolf Form reduced by ~25%.
  • Venom’s Critical Damage multiplier changed to a Critical Damage additive. (Unmentioned in patch notes)


  • Provocation threshold required for guaranteed Overpower reduced from 35/30/25 to 24/20/16 seconds.

Spirit Boon

  • Masochistic now also requires a Lucky Hit chance of 75%.

Those are all of the known changes to Druids in Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant. If you’re still deciding which class to choose for your Seasonal Character, check out the buffs and nerfs the Barbarian, Rogue, and Sorcerer, received this Season.

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