All Glyph Gates and glyph codes for Zero-Point Interdimensional Portal in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ), explained

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There are, what I like to call, Glyph Gates all over Modern Warfare Zombies that connect to glyph codes. If you know how to use it, you can access the Zero-Point Interdimensional Portal to fast travel in MWZ. Here’s how.

All Glyph Gates locations in Modern Warfare Zombies

Image: PC Invasion

The Glyph Gates are the gatekeepers to the Zero-Point Interdimensional Portal which is a one-way portal to a specific location. First, you need to know where Glyph Gates are to use the portal. Second, to open a portal within the Glyph Gate, you need to know and enter the glyph code to open a portal to that specific spot on the map.

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  • Modern Warfare Zombies Map Glyph Gate Locations
  • Modern Warfare Zombies Glyph Gate Location Map 1
  • Modern Warfare Zombies Glyph Gate Location 2

Currently, there are only two known Glyph Gate locations in Modern Warfare Zombies. When more are located and shared, I’ll update this article. For now, the two Glyph Gate locations in MWZ are in the men’s bathroom of Al Maher Rec Center in Zaravan Suburbs and the little barn behind the red doors in the east of Low Town.

To open a Zero-Point Interdimensional Portal, you need to know a glyph code. These act as coordinates for a specific location in Urzikstan. Also, it seems like the glyph spots on the Glyph Gate change, so watch out for that. Lastly, you need to pay 1,000 Essence to use the portal.

What are all glyph codes in Modern Warfare Zombies?

Modern Warfare Zombies Zaravan Suburbs Glyph Gate Location
Image: PC Invasion

While I haven’t seen any glyph codes in Modern Warfare Zombies myself yet, I have done a lot of research and will fill you in on other people’s findings. Glyph codes are a set of three glyphs that, when entered correctly, open a Zero-Point Interdimensional Portal that leads to whenever the glyph code is found on the map.

Glyph codes are found all over Urzikstan, but they aren’t easy to find. They’re three glyphs that only appear when you get close to them. That’s why people are still trying to find them. Who knows? Maybe there’s a secret glyph code combination that leads to a secret level.

Modern Warfare Zombies Map Glyph Gate Locations
Image: PC Invasion

So far, I’ve seen the community only spot two. One is Seatown which is in the southwest corner of Oldtown. This is a Threat Level Three area. The other is in Levin Resort which is a Threat Level One spot. both spots have their use cases — Seatown is a great fast travel spot to get right to a boss and Levin Resort is a great destination to exfil quickly.

The Threat Zone Three Oltown Seatown boathouse glyph code is the upside-down triangle, or shark tooth, the zero with a dot on top, and the backwards three. Hopefully, the community agrees upon glyph names soon, but that’s that for now. The one in Levin Resort is shark tooth, zero with a circle on top, and hourglass.

As more Glyph Gates and glyph codes get revealed, I’ll update this article. For now, have fun and explore!

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