All Gotham Knights landmarks and their locations

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Are you looking for the Gotham Knights landmarks? To confirm that you have seen one of the many landmarks in this open world game, you need to read its corresponding plaque. Luckily, all of them are at ground level, and you just need to interact with them to register their entry in the database.

Of course, there are other collectibles outside of the 40 Gotham Knights landmarks. The Gotham Knights Batarangs are perhaps more annoying than the landmarks to track down as they can be anywhere. There are also 12 Gotham Knights street art murals to find, and they’re a lot easier. But with that in mind, here are all of the Gotham Knights landmarks.

Gotham Knights landmark locations

Since there are 40 landmark plaques to read, we’ve split them by district. You can check to see if the district you’re exploring still has plaques you’ve not seen yet by looking at the AR menu. If the symbol that looks like the US Capitol building is ticked, there are no more landmarks that you need to visit.

Here are all of the Gotham Knights landmark locations we’ve found so far:

North Gotham

Gotham Heights

  • Martha Wayne art gallery – on the corner of Dyrfold Avenue and Mason Street.
  • Gotham Heights Residences – Bierce Avenue, just before the T-Junction leading to Chambers Street.
  • St. Joseph Church – University Drive, north of North Campus Way.
  • Old Wayne Mining HQ  – southwest of Gotham County Road, near Hemlock Street.

Robinson Park

  • Robinson Park Plaza – at the park gates in southernmost Robinson Park. It’s close to the river.
  • Robinson Park Exhibition Groundsclose to the bridge to the west of the region, it’s north of the circular sculpture.


  • Leblanc Funeral Home – Beacon Street, by the building opposite Saul Erdel Planetarium and on the corner leading to Mercey Avenue.
  • St. Faustina Church – on the corner of Oxylus Street and Reservoir Avenue, opposite Gotham City Cemetary

Historic Gotham

Old Gotham

  • Martha Wayne Foundation – on the corner of Grand Avenue and Bay Street, close to Wycliffe Avenue.
  • St. Swithun’s Church – close to the docks on Bay Street.
  • Gotham City Hall – outside Gotham City Hall, between Neville Street and Wycliffe Avenue.
  • Novick Building – southeast of Gotham City Cathedral, on Rosserie Street, just before Grand Avenue.
  • Gotham City Fire Department – Kane Street, on the intersection leading into Logerquist Avenue.
  • Gotham City Cathedral – northwest of Gotham City Cathedral, behind the building just off Finger Avenue.

Tricorner Island

  • Statue of Justice – southeast corner of Tricorner Island, at the base of the statue.
  • Fort Dumas – southwest entrance to Fort Dumas from Monument Street, by the gate.
  • Armory – due west of Fort Dumas, head for the large factory-like building on Arsenal Street.
  • Gotham City Post Office – on the street corner between St. Adrian Avenue and Monument Street.

New Gotham


  • Wayne Center for Children – on the corner of Gardner Street and Berger Avenue.
  • St. Aloysius Church – outside the church to the southwest of the corner of Gardner Street and Berger Avenue.
  • Ralli’s Family Restaurant – Berger Avenue, between Foxteca and the crane on the corner where Gardner Street joins this road.
  • Wayne Enterprises – outside Wayne Tower, south of Atlantic Boulevard.
  • Split Pea Catering – on the corner of Croydon Avenue and Storrow Street, underneath the crane.


  • Cape Carmine Lighthouse  on the lighthouse close to Newton Place and Cape Street
  • Sacred Martyr Church – on the corner of Sheldon Hill Road and Atlantic Avenue.
  • S.K. Animal Shelter – at the end of Atlantic Avenue, just before the left turn into Cape Street.

Downtown Gotham

West End

  • First Church of Gotham City – on Rotterdam Street close to Gotham City Gazette.
  • Gotham City Labor Union – to the south of the building on Croydon Avenue, just before Prince Street and near the corner leading to Grant Lane.

Financial District

  • Gotham National Bank – on the north entrance to the Gotham National Bank on Commercial Street, located just east of Quartz Labs.
  • Sacred Heart Convalescent Home – on Harbor Drive, east of the Gate Street bridge entrance.
  • Gotham Ferry Co. – northwest of the Financial District, west of Madison Street Bridge.
  • Miller Harbor – near the chapel on the harbour of Dozier Avenue, south of Union Station Belfry.

Lower Gotham

The Cauldron

  • Luigi’s Finest Pizza – on the corner of Harrow Road and Diangelo Avenue, in the slums southwest of Paris Island.
  • Paris Island Incinerator – centre of Paris Island, it runs alongside Third Street.
  • Fei Hong Supermarket – under the Gate Street bridge, close to the corner of Harrow Road and Volczek Street.

Gotham Knights landmarks: orange pins showing the locations of the landmarks in Southside.


  • Cobblepot Steel – north side of Cobblepot Steel, on Burnley Avenue.
    Old Koul-Brau Factory – on the corner of Madison Street and Lyntown Avenue, near Star labs.
  • Southside Glassworks – on the corner of Lyntown Avenue and Gate Street, near Oran Chemicals.
  • Old Koul Brau Factory – on the corner of Madison Street and Lyntown Avenue, heading towards Fort Street.
  • Giverny Paint – on the corner of Gate Street and Dixon Avenue.
  • Dixon Docks – on the right side of the western gate on Dixon Avenue.

Once you’ve read the last of the Gotham Knights landmarks, you’ll get some valuable crafting materials to make better gear, some experience, and one action point to spend on skills. Landmarks are just one of the many collectibles you need to find to reach 100% completion of the latest DC superhero game. However, it also has a rather confusing mission structure, so do check the guide if you want to know how long is Gotham Knights’ main campaign, or if you need a list of the many side missions and repeatable crimes to solve.

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