All Renown rewards in World of Warcraft Plunderstorm

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1 Deadly Dagger Unlocks the Deadly Dagger appearance. You’re in Keg Leg’s Crew now, swabbie. Here’s your dagger, get to plundering! 2 Swabbie

Swabbie’s Gloves

Unlocks the Swabbie title.

Unlocks the Swabbie’s Gloves appearance.

The captain has declared you an official swabbie!

Leather gloves to help you grab the loot.

3 Surefooted Boots:  Unlocks the Surefooted Boots appearance. Helps you keep your footing on ship or on land. 4 Quilred Breeches:  Unlocks the Quilted Breeches appearance. A new pair of pants to cushion your landing. 5 Calcified Claymore

A Keg-Stamped Package

Unlocks the Calcified Claymore appearance.

A new quest awaits a level 70 character in Valdrakken in the Dragon Isles.

A sword is like a dagger, but large. 6 Spun Cotton Shirt


Unlocks the Spun Cotton Shirt appearance. Also unlocks the Shabby Swabbie outfit in Plunderstorm.

Unlocks the Happy Battle Pet.

He’s just excited to be here. 7 Skulker’s Cloak Unlocks the Skulker’s Cloak appearance. Some plunderers prefer to stay in the shadows. 8 Copper Cannon Unlocks the Copper Cannon appearance. Plundering is easier with a cannon at your side. 9 Warm Woolen Cap Unlocks the Warm Woolen Cap appearance. Even the swarthiest pirate gets cold sometimes. 10 Silver Tidestallion


Unlocks the Silver Tidestallion underwater mount.

Unlocks the Swashbuckler title.

It smells like shrimp.

You have proven your ability to both swash and buckle.

11 Bubbles


Unlocks the Bubbles pet.

Unlicks the Pinchy the Plunderer pet in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

It followed you home!

Watch out for the pointy end!

12 Swindler’s Cutouts Unlocks the Swindler’s Cutouts appearance. For those skilled in slight of hand. 13 Blacksteel Saber Unlocks the Blacksteel Saber appearance. Forged for swarthy swashbuckling action. 14 Silent Leathers Unlocks the Silent Leathers appearance. Sometimes hiding is the best offense. 15 Handwoven Trousers: Unlocks the Handwoven Trousers appearance. A gift from the captain. They’re tailor-made just for you! 16 Marvelous Multi-Shot

Swarthy Warning Sign

Unlocks the Marvelous Multi-Shot appearance.

Unlocks the Swarthy Warning Sign toy.

Aim away from face.

Perfect for creating your own pirate hangout.

17 Fine Crimson Doublet Unlocks the Fine Crimson Doublet appearance.

Unlocks the Snazzy Swabbie outfit in Plunderstorm.

– 18 Bloody Iron Cleaver Unlocks the Bloody Iron Cleaver appearance. A bloody axe for a bloody good pirate! 19 Weatherproven Drape Unlocks the Weatherproven Drape appearance. It says “proven”, not “proof”. Don’t jump in the lake. 20 Royal Seafeather


Unlocks the Royal Seafeather flying mount.

Unlocks the Buccaneer title.

With the amount of pluder you have, it’d be a crime not to have a giant parrot.

You are a feared force of the storm!

21 Storm Captain’s Hat Unlocks the Storm Captain’s Hat appearance A fine hat for the captain in the storm! 22 Plunderlord’s Gilded Sigil Unlocks the Plunderlord’s Gilded Sigil appearance. Hold high the staff of the Plunderlord, and raise a crew to plunder! 23 Plunderlord’s Cuffs Unlocks the Plunderlord’s Cuffs appearance. Golden cuffs befitting the finest of pirates. 24 Plundered Bag of Tender

A Tiny Plumed Tricorne

Unlocks 250 Trader’s Tenders in the Collector’s Cache in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

When summoned, Pepe will now sometimes be dressed as a Plunderlord.

– 25 Plunderlord’s Golden Cinch Unlocks the Plunderlord’s Golden Cinch appearance. The large gold skull buckle really brings the outfit together. 26 Plunderlord’s Pilferers Unlocks the Plunderlord’s Pilferers appearance. They’re so silky. 27 Plunderlord’s Neck-Severer Unlocks the Plunderlord’s Neck-Severer appearance. A necessary tool in the arsenal of the pirate lord. 28 Plunderlord’s Muckscrapers  Unlocks the Plunderlord’s Muckscrapers appearance. You wouldn’t want to get muck on them. 29 Plunderlord’s Fancy Trousers Unlocks the Plunderlord’s Fancy Trousers appearance. Now you can say that you have the fanciest pants. 30 Glamrok

First Mate

Unlocks the Glamrok pet.

Unlocks the First Mate title.

A fellow loot enthusiast.

Your penchant for plunder is legendary!

31 Plunderlord’s Fine Rapier Unlocks the Plunderlord’s Fine Rapier appearance. For stabbing. 32 Plunderlord’s Hand Cannon Unlocks the Plunderlord’s Hand Cannon appearance. Smells like gold and gunpowder. 33 Plundered Chest of Tender Unlocks 500 Trader’s Tenders in the Collector’s Cache in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. – 34 Plunderlord’s Waistcoat Unlocks the Plunderlord’s Waistcoat appearance. Nobody looks bad in a waistcoat. 35 Plunderlord’s Drapery Unlocks the Plunderlord’s Drapery appearance. In matching red and gold, of course. 36 Plunderlord’s Silver Cutlass Unlocks the Plunderlord’s Silver Cutlass appearance. Shines just the right way in the sun when you hold it aloft. 37 Plunderlord’s Tasseled Spaulders Unlocks the Plunderlord’s Tassled Spaulders appearance. Unlocks the Strapping Swabbie outfit in Plunderstorm. – 38 Plunderlord’s Monocle

Plunderlord’s Tricorne of Admirality

Unlocks the Plunderlord’s Monocle appearance.

Unlocks the Plunderlord’s Tricorne of Admiralty appearance.

A fine plumed helm made in just the right size for your head.

A fine plumed helm made in just the right size for your head.

39 Polly Roger Unlocks the Polly Roger mount in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

Unlocks the Polly Roger dragonriding mount.

The captain has granted you his very own giant temperamental parrot. Good luck! 40 Plunderlord

Plunderlord’s Tabard

Unlocks the Plunderlord Title.

Unlocks the  Plunderlord’s Tabard appearance.

May all who oppose you sink to the briny depths!

You’ve proven you’re buccaneer and dear to Captain Keg Leg’s heart. Proudly display your captain’s favor.

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