Aloalo Island – All Routes and Rewards

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Aloalo Island is a Southern Sea Islands themed Variant Dungeon in FFXIV with Matsya as your companion. To get all of the routes and catch some fish along the way, here’s the complete guide to Aloalo Island.

Aloalo Island all routes

For how to unlock Aloalo Island, see here. Make sure your party composition has ideal variant actions (spirit dart for tanks/healers, cure and raise as needed, etc) and queue in to the dungeon.

Left Path

The left route takes you through a cavern down to the beaches of Aloalo, full of fish and other creatures.

  • First pull: Four Paddle Biters, two Uragnite using the conal AoE Palsynyxis.
  • Second pull (Sunny weather): Two Anala with a circle AoE called Flame dance, and four crabs.
  • Second pull (Rainy weather): Biasts that use a circle AoE called Electrify, four crabs.
  • Third pull (Sunny weather): Two Anala, two Paddle Biters, one Snipper, using a conal AoE called Bubble Shower.
  • Third pull (Rainy weather): Two Biasts, two Paddle Biters, one Snipper,
  • Fourth pull: Six Khalamari.

Matsya then stops to fish.

We should press on

Fifth pull: Two Kiwakin with the circle AoE Tail Screw and three Sallet.

You’ll see Zozone from earlier in peril. Standing there and letting the mobs attack him leads to route one, while saving him and pulling the mobs away leads to route two.

Fish to your heart’s content

You’ll be prompted to choose between two types of bait.

Patch of Sand: Leads to route three and spawns two Zaratan with a half circle AoE Sewer Water.

Mound of Rocks: Leads to route four and spawns two Ogrebon instead, with a line AoE called Flounder which also deals knockback.

Sixth pull: Three Khalamari followed by one ray with a line AoE called Hydrocannon.

Left path boss: Ketuduke

Screenshot: PC Invasion

A revered sky whale of the island. For some reason, it’s mad at you.

Universal mechanics

  • Tidal Roar: Raid-wide.
  • Spring Crystals: Summons crystals around the arena. Round ones have a large circle AoE and square ones are a vertical line AoE.
  • Bubble Net + Fluke Typhoon: One of the crystals will be bubbled and sent two squares down when Fluke Typhoon goes off. Position appropriately.
  • Strewn Bubbles: A line AoE of water going down each square horizontally in alternating directions.
  • Encroaching/Receding Twintides + Near/Far Tide: The ‘go in’ and ‘run out’ AoE. Whenever one is cast, the other will immediately follow without warning.
  • Hydrobomb: Following the crystals going off, a series of circle AoEs will follow each player. Run away from each other.
  • Blowing Bubbles: Large bubbles will cross the arena on both sides while the Tide AoEs occur. You have to weave between their openings as they cross each other to avoid them and the Tide AoEs.
  • Hydroblast: Tankbuster.


  • One: Zozone reappears and summons an Apa for each player. Stand close to the Apa to avoid taking a lot of damage.
  • Two: Hydrosurge, a mechanic that shoots you across the arena. Zozone then appears to repay his debt and summons Apa. This time they conjure bubbles. Get in one to avoid the incoming massive AoE.
  • Three: Summons two Zaratan that cover the arena in an AoE. One will get bubbled and elevate its AoE, allowing you to safely stand below it.
  • Four: Summons a single Ogrebon followed by bubbles. Take one of the outer bubbles to escape the incoming attack.

Center path

The center path takes you up into the treetops of Aloalo Island.

  • First pull: Five Worms that deal a conal AoE called Poison Breath. It will poison you.
  • Second pull: Three Nepenthes and a Gigantitoad with a conal AoE called Languid Leap.
  • Third pull: Three Worms and a Monstera, dealing a giant half circle AoE called Sweet Nectar.
Aloalo Island Pollen Area
Screenshot: PC Invasion

While you’re in this area, you have the option to pop the purple plants by standing on them. Popping four of them will cover the area in the pollen debuff and change the mechanics of the first boss.

The next pull consists of four Crawlers and a Treant. For routes five and six, kill this entire pull as usual. For routes seven and eight, kill the Treant, then pull the Crawlers onto the circle and kill them inside of it to unlock the other path.

Aloalo Island Rune
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Left path

Fifth pull: Three Mantis and one Islekeeper, with a circle AoE called Isle Drop.

Sixth pull: Three Crawlers and the Bird of Aloalo, using a line AoE called Feathercut.

For route five, continue on as normal. To get route six, you have to venture down the tree branch path hidden by the red flowers and scare off armadillos at the end twice, once in the fifth pull area and again in the sixth pull area.

Right path

Fifth pull: Three Bats and an Ahool, which has an AoE called Soundwave you can’t dodge.

The sixth pull has three Vanara and a Susena with a circular AoE called Rock Throw. However, there’s also J’jhimei hiding next to a Wood Golem. Interrupt her cast to get route eight, or let her add three Wood Golems to the fight for route seven. They have a line AoE called Ovation.

Center path boss: The Lala

Screenshot: PC Invasion

A remnant of the complex Arcanima constructs developed on Aloalo Island, it considers you an intruder.

Universal mechanics

  • Inferno Theorem: Raid wide. Always goes off after Arcane Plot.
  • Arcane Blight: The entire area except for one triangle is attacked.
  • Arcane Plot: The arena is covered in arrows that will travel down the arena in squares of magic. You have to look at the arrows and determine where they’re not traveling for the safe space.
  • Analysis + Targeted Light: A circle of light appears around each player with one side exposed. Face the exposed side towards the boss.

After using each of these mechanics once, the boss will repeat each one with a rotation mechanic. It’s not as complex as it looks- the mechanics only rotate ninety degrees in the given direction.

  • Calculated Trajectory: During one version of Arcane Plot, you’ll be afflicted with a direction face, which as we know from previous content forces you to move that direction. Orient yourself in line with the rotation direction you get so you run down the safe path when it goes off.
  • Strategic Strike: Tankbuster.


Every mechanic is tied to the Arcane Plot mechanic, meaning the second time they appear will be at the same time at Arcane Plot. You have to determine the safe space to avoid both Arcane Plot and these mechanics.

  • Five: The Armadillos will slam down on the arena with their tails. You want to position yourself close to them, as they slam down on the opposite side of the arena from where they appear.
  • Six: Kapokapo seedlings spawn and deal donut AoEs with safe spaces next to the seeds and far away.
  • Seven: Golems will show up and deal horizontal line AoEs across the arena.
  • Eight: Volcanic Coordinates, which after going off has a series of circle AoEs follow the player.

Right path

The right path goes through the grassland areas of Aloalo Island and beyond.

  • First pull: Four Hamsa.
  • Second pull: Five Ochus and a Deadly Coconut, with the circle AoE Nut Job.
  • Third pull: Three more Hamsa and an Asvattha. The Asvattha is a Morbol enemy, and it packs Bad Breath. You’ve encountered enough of these to know to avoid Bad Breath.

There are two sets of Fallen Statues before the first boss. Fix them both to change the mechanics. Afterwards, a faerie named Statice will appear and offer to show you the treasure of the island.

Accept her help

This puts you on route nine.

  • Fourth pull: Six raptors.
  • Fifth pull: Sopranine Crocs and a Baritine Croc with a conal AoE called Flatten.

Deny her help

You will have to do so three times to get her to actually back off.

Fourth pull: A Boar with a line AoE called Infusion, plus three Boarlets.

You’ll then come across a bunch of treasure coffers. Ignore them and keep going to skip the fifth pull and go on route 10. Open one for route 11 and fight six Mimics.

Sixth pull: Three Raptors and a Gobbue, which has not one but two AoEs: Moldy Phlegm, a circular Aoe, and Heavy Toss, a conal AoE.

Right path boss: Statice

Screenshot: PC Invasion

A Scholar faerie summon who has persisted despite the death of her master. She is lonely and wants to mess with you for her own amusement.

Universal Mechanics

A hidden mine goes off at the start in front of her unless you avoid it.

  • Surprise Balloon + 4-tonze Weight: A balloon inflates and blows the player back. Stand in front of a safe area to be blown back into it.
  • Trick Reload: Statice reloads her gun. Watch her as she reloads; two bullets will fall away and not reload. Those will be the safe spaces when the board turns into numbers. If she failed to reload two, two is a safe space, and so on.
  • Pinwheel: Three separate fireballs spawn on the edge of the arena. Each will rotate its AoE in a different path. It’s best to start in the middle and move out of it to avoid them all.
  • Dartboard: The arena becomes a dartboard. Move the Homing Pattern into a blue area by attacking it to win nothing. Otherwise you’ll win an unavoidable mechanic of damage.
  • Shocking Abandon: Tankbuster.
  • Aero IV: Raid wide.


  • Nine: Whoopee Cushion- Shadow outlines appear on the arena. Stand on one to make a cushion appear and stay on it. When she uses Fair Flight, it’ll break your fall.
  • Ten: Present box- a toy follows each player while donut AoEs go off and missiles fly across the arena. The staffs will follow the players and cast large line AoEs in their directions. Avoid everything and everyone else while running away from the toy.
  • Eleven: Jack in the box- Four giant Mimic chests spawn. Watch them for the one that doesn’t move and stand next to it for the safe space.

Secret route

Start on the right path. Deny Statice’s help and run past the treasure coffers to reach the area with three statues. The method to unlock the secret route is very unusual:

  • Stand in front of the Sparrow statue. Type in say chat: “O dancer of the skies, hear me.” Do the /blowkiss emote. Run a clockwise lap around the statue. /Dance when you complete the lap.
  • Stand in front of the Whale statue. Type in say chat: “O messenger from beyond the horizon, hear me.” Run two clockwise laps around the statue, then one counterclockwise lap, and do /dance in front of the statue.
  • Stand in front of the Turtle statue. Type in say chat: “O wayfarer of land and sea, hear me.” Do two counterclockwise laps. /bow in front of the statue.
Secret Route Aloalo Island
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This reveals a secret route forward. Deal with the two Vemoisa, Morbol, and Wobble-kneed Whasbrym. Pick up the sack he drops and place the statues on the bridge pedestals in this order: sparrow, whale, turtle.

Secret boss: Loquloqui

Secret Route Boss Loquloqui
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The statue that comes from the gem of the island.

  • Long-lost Light: Raid wide.
  • Summoning Rite + O Life, Flourish: The statue summons either birds or chameleons. The two that glow with a spark will have their AoEs made larger.
  • Protective Will: Tankbuster.
  • O Petals, Unfurl: Move to the corners of the arena perpendicular to both of the sparks. The AoEs that go off when they get dragged to the middle are massive.
  • Land Wave: The area in front of the boss is hit by an all-encompassing AoE.
  • O Isle, Bloom: Squares of flowers cover the arena. They will go off in the same order they came in, so stand in the second row and move in to the first after it goes off.
  • O Sky, Be Mine + Stirring of Spirits: The statue grows massive. Run to a corner, then directly underneath. Circle AoEs will appear; position yourself to be knocked back away from them. This happens multiple times in quick succession with changing AoEs, an ideal time to use Sprint.

First boss: Quaqua

Screenshot: PC Invasion

An advanced wooden Arcanima summon ordered to block your way forward.

Universal mechanics

  • Made Magic: Raid wide.
  • Arcane Armaments: Quaqua summons magical weapons. Axes make big circular AoEs, so move to the edge of the arena between them. Circles make for a safe area where the attack goes off.
  • Violet Storm: A conal AoE directly in front of the boss. Stand behind.
  • Rout: Quaqua dashes through the area at multiple angles. Stand in the middle, then move to the side it dashes through.
  • Hammer Landing: Quaqua smashes down at three points in the arena, causing heavy knockback. The easiest way to avoid this mechanic is to use Arms Length or Surecast.

Route specific

  • Left path, sunny: Scalding Waves- A series of line AoEs that move outward. Move in to the areas they pass by to avoid.
  • Left path, rainy: Cloud to Ground- The Biasts cast a series of circular AoEs vertical down the arena in two different patterns. You have to weave between the timing of the two AoE sets.
  • Center path, no pollen: Two large water spears will simultaneously cast off a series of large cross AoEs. To avoid every round, you either have to run past to the middle during or step into the water to avoid the final cast.
  • Center path, pollen: Three water spears will slowly create pools of toxic water. The very edge of the arena between them is safe.
  • Right path, broken statues: Arcane Intervention- The statues emit rings of sight-based AoEs simultaneously. You have to position yourself between them to successfully look away, and they’ll change on you quickly.
  • Right path, fixed statues: Arcane Pursuit- Purple orbs appear and tether to the player. Move away from them, but move them into the center so the light from the statues dissipates them.

Aloalo Island rewards

Completing all twelve routes gets you the Spectral Statice mount from the achievement menu.

From Aloalo Potsherds:

  • Free Spirit’s glamour outfit set
  • Statice’s Wings fashion accessory
  • Ballroom Etiquette- Humble Triumph
  • Modern Aesthetics- The Bold and the Braid
  • O Speaker, Slumber Orchestrion Roll

From random drops in the dungeon:

  • Aloalo Faerie Cushion
  • Triple Triad cards for all four bosses.
  • Aloalo Island Palm
  • Magicked Prism (Uolosapa)
  • Aloalo Roselle Hedge
  • Giant Leaf Parasol fashion accessory
  • Aloalo Pendant Wall Lamp
  • Sagely Sparrow Statue
  • South Seas Coelacanth Display
  • Repulu minion
  • Uolosapa minion

From Aloalo Coins (requires the Criterion Dungeon version):

  • Aloalo Island Framer’s Kit
  • Quaqua Horn
  • O Hunter, Rejoice Orchestrion Roll

That wraps up Aloalo Island. At least Matsya got to catch some rare fish.

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