American Truck Simulator Texas DLC is heading to space

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Recite the line “Houston, we have a problem”, and most folks will know you’re talking about the infamous Apollo 13 mission. With American Truck Simulator’s Texas DLC on the horizon, developer SCS Software has taken the opportunity to highlight the Lone Star State’s significance in the space industry by adding several space-related sites and jobs to take on in the ever-expanding trucking game.

Houston, Texas’ most populous city, will feature its famous space centre in the Texas DLC for American Truck Simulator, the devs explain in the latest update post on Steam. From the highway, you’ll be able to see the visitor centre for the launch site, which features rockets used on notable NASA missions.

However, you’ll also be able to deliver employee goods and construction materials to ‘Starbay,’ which is the American Truck Simulator stand-in for the SpaceX Starbase near Boca Chica, at the extreme southern tip of Texas. Here, the developers note, you’ll also be able to view the bird reservation that’s responsible for many delayed launches at the nearby spaceport.

The post includes a selection of screenshots that showcase the new space industry buildings and signage you’ll be able to see in the Texas DLC when it arrives. SCS Software hasn’t yet revealed the release date for this state add-on, but we’ll be ready when it finally shows up, heading down the highway in our new Western Star 57X (which was added back in August when the real-world truck was officially revealed).

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