An Unwavering Culinary Dream guide

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In the village of Vanarana, you’ll meet countless odd creatures. One of them, Arapacati, needs your aid. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you with An Unwavering Culinary Dream, a quest that’s related to Aranyaka Part 2 and Adventure with Aranara.

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Genshin Impact An Unwavering Culinary Dream guide

To help prepare for the Festival Utsava, Arapacati asks you to find his siblings. They’ve all left the village, and your clue is the trail of smoke that can be seen in the distance as you approach their abodes.

The good thing is that tracking each sidequest points you in the right direction, and the smoke trail can be seen from there.

Cooking, the Flavor of Nature

For your first task, you’ll have to find Arachatora who’s somewhere east of the Fane of Ashvattha. You’re told to look for the Head Mushroom, and another marker pops up on your minimap.

You’ll notice a switch nearby. It will cause a seelie to float away, which, in and of itself, is part of a puzzle to unlock the Fragment of Childhood Dreams domain. It’s gonna sidetrack us, so let’s just focus on this quest for now.

Anyway, the Head Mushroom is deep in a cavern with a Withering Zone that needs to be cleared.

Pick it up when the place is cleansed and return to Arachatora to finish this step. The next part will have you searching for the other siblings.

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Cooking, a Pleasant Memory

Use the Statue of the Seven near Gandharva Ville and turn around. You should see smoke rising on the hilltop. The Aranara here needs sugar, which you can get from an NPC in Gandharva Ville.

Cooking, the Beauty of Sharing

This one is a bit south of Gandharva Ville. When you get there, no one seems to be around, but a Ruin Guard will spawn. Take it out and check the tunnel.

You’ll notice a seelie here that will float away. Follow it (and the sunsettia trail) until you spot the

Cooking, the Aroma of Homecoming

When you taste the soup, the Aranara will get mad. He’ll then ask for an item called a Living Spring. It’s nothing but water, picked up when you interact with a glowing marker next to a nearby waterfall.

When you’re finished with all of these, return to Vanarana and talk to Arapacati. All his siblings are back, which means you’ve completed An Unwavering Culinary Dream in Genshin Impact. It’s just one of dozens of sidequests related to your Adventure with Aranara.

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