Arcade Paradise devs Wired Productions just launched a record label

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Arcade Paradise publisher Wired Productions has launched a record label called Black Razor Records, with their debut EP being inspired by the retro game.

Blasting onto the scene with the guttural punk-style vocals of Ivar and The Horde’s Stu Brootal, Wired Productions’ all-new record label Black Razor Records seeks to “bridge the gap between the video game and music worlds.”

The four track EP features Ivar and the Horde’s song Arcade Paradise in four different forms, with all of the proceeds going to Safe in Our World, a mental health awareness charity that focuses on the video game industry. It will retail for £3/$3.41, and you can download it via Bandcamp.

“I hope gamers and music fans alike appreciate the song’s message and how the money it raises will contribute to the great work that Safe In Our World does,” says Leo Zullo, managing director at Wired Productions.

“Music has always been in the DNA of Wired Productions, so setting up a music label is a natural step for us. As we are independent we choose the projects we work on, so our first release combines our favourite things… video games, great music, and supporting a video game mental health charity close to our hearts… because we can!”

The music and gaming sphere have collided in 2022, with Funcom’s Metal Hellsinger taking rhythm games to a whole new, gory level.

Sitting down to discuss Metal Hellsinger at Gamescom, Trivium icon Matt Heafy told us that “metal needs to be in games,” hoping that as the years go by we’ll finally be see the commercial music scene and video game universe intertwine.

League of Legends has made some real headway on achieving this, continually recruiting musical titans like Imagine Dragons and Lil Nas X to perform at their annual World Championships. We’re very much paving the way for more interaction between mainstream music and gaming, and projects like Black Razor Records are the perfect way to keep that dream alive.

If you want to donate to Safe in Our World, you can do so using this link. You can also check out our list of the best indie games, too, because who knows, maybe another studio will follow in Wired’s footsteps.

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