Arma 3’s next DLC will have you fighting wildfires from the sky

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Bohemia Interactive has unveiled the next Creator DLC pack for Arma 3, and this time around, we’ll be taking to the friendly skies of Malden to fight wildfires instead of enemy troop formations.

Reaction Forces, the upcoming Creator DLC for the aging milsim open-world game, includes a host of new content for Arma 3 that should have something for just about everyone, no matter how they play. For infantry types, there are two new rifles and pistols, new uniforms and gear, and a new game mode for both co-op and single player called QRF, in which you’ll have to fight off wave after wave of an overwhelming enemy force.

Somewhat off the beaten path, however, is the new Cougar Helicopter. This chopper can be used for search and rescue missions, but can also be equipped with a water bombing module that can be dumped on raging wildfires. The pack includes a single-player training mission and a wildfire scenario set on Malden to test out its capabilities.

The Cougar isn’t strictly for pacifist missions, however – its new pylon weapon system can mount a 12.7mm autocannon, DAR/DAGR missiles, or Tratnyr high explosive and armor-piercing missiles.

Reaction Forces also features a new open-world 12-player campaign scenario called Air Control, which emphasizes the role of helicopter logistics in transporting special forces squads and supporting a combined arms offensive.

Round that out with a new pickup truck, a micro-UAV, and some deadly new mortar systems, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a pretty extensive add-on pack for Arma 3. Reaction Forces is “coming soon,” with no specific release date announced yet.

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