Atlas Fallen release date, trailers, gameplay, and story

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What is the Atlas Fallen release date? Atlas Fallen is an upcoming third-person action RPG developed by Deck13, a Focus Entertainment studio known for games like The Surge and Lords of the Fallen. It’s set in a gorgeously detailed fantasy world full of ancient ruins and monsters… lots and lots of monsters.

With the Atlas Fallen release date drawing close, it’s time to revisit everything we’ve heard about this action RPG game so far. Including magical gauntlets, sand wraiths, sword-whips, and a rather evil god, Atlas Fallen has no shortage of promising features. 2023 has been a stacked year already, and there’s a chance Atlas Fallen could become one of the best upcoming PC games this year.

Atlas Fallen release date

The Atlas Fallen release date is planned for Thursday, August 10, 2023 and is set to launch on PC, Xbox Series S and X, and PlayStation 5. The release date announcement was posted on Focus Entertainment’s Twitter channel on March 29.

Atlas Fallen was originally set to launch in May, but the developers decided to spend three extra months to “deliver the best possible version” of the game. In a follow-up tweet, Deck13 confirmed the delay gives them enough time to polish and optimize the game, but also to include a full German voice-over.

Atlas Fallen trailers

The Atlas Fallen reveal trailer was first shown during Gamescom 2022 on August 23. It unveils the remnants of an ancient civilization, its ruins scattered across a highly detailed desert landscape. We can spot the first monsters, a boss fight, and a “sand-gliding” movement ability. A masked man and a dark-haired woman take on the role of the protagonists as they successfully slay a bunch of sandy fiends.

Focus Entertainment dropped their Atlas Fallen gameplay reveal on March 15, showing more sand-surfing, more monsters, and more magical attacks. Take note of the villainous voice-over; this is undoubtedly the voice of the Sun God, Atlas Fallen’s main antagonist.

The most recent gameplay trailer from June 15 adds more details on both the Atlas Fallen storyline and the combat system. This video also gives us a first look at the character creation system, which includes different hairstyles, face shapes, skin tones, and clothing colors. Yes, you’ll be able to dye your Atlas Fallen armor any color you like.

Atlas Fallen gameplay

Atlas Fallen features a sandy open world full of terrifying monsters and Gods. You, a “Gauntlet Bearer” blessed with magical abilities, must explore the desert, increase your power, and defeat all who stand in your way. For a taste of what you’re up against, the Monsters of Atlas Fallen video showcases some of its horrid sand wraiths:

  • The Marauder: an overgrown dog who’ll try to crush you under its paws.
  • The Spiker: an enormous scorpion with a jumping attack and a laser beam.
  • The Tailwhipper: a dragon with homing rockets at its disposal.
  • The Shellbasher: a tanky ground-slamming crab.
  • The Tailguarder: a Godzilla lookalike with fiery eyes.

To defeat the monsters of Atlas Fallen, you have a choice of three different weapon types, as teased in the Weapons of Atlas Fallen video: the Dunecleaver, the Sandwhip, and the Knuckledust. The first functions as a hammer-axe hybrid, the second is a sword and whip in one, and the latter provides a pair of gauntlets. Each weapon has a moveset which consists of many different combos and can be adjusted through upgrades. To further develop your personal playstyle, you’ll be able to equip two different weapons at a time and switch between them.

As explained in an Atlas Fallen “making-of” video, the game’s combat is all about momentum, tactical decisions, and using the right upgrades.  Make no mistake though; Atlas Fallen isn’t just about fighting. While big monster battles are indeed an important part of the gameplay, you also need to do a fair bit of questing and exploring. Thanks to your magical Gauntlet, you can rely on the sand-gliding ability to quickly travel across vast distances.

Got a friend who’s also eager to play Atlas Fallen? As confirmed in a short co-op preview, Atlas Fallen supports two-player co-op. The developers have promised a “seamless drop-in, drop-out” co-op experience for the entire campaign.

Atlas Fallen story

Set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, Atlas Fallen tells the story of a human hero who rises against the oppressive Sun God, Thelos. Born as one of the millions of people enslaved by Thelos, the protagonist finds an ancient artifact known as the Gauntlet, which allows them to use “essence” and turn the desert sand into magical weapons. Better watch out for this mighty Gauntlet Bearer, Thelos!

The trailers don’t show many characters yet, but we do know that there’ll be plenty of NPCs and merchants. Besides the Gauntlet Bearer and the Sun God, we can spot a bad guy who works for the latter in the latest gameplay overview trailer (at 02:36). The same video shows a well-dressed lady who may be a queen at 00:40, another friendly woman at 03:35, and a possible quest companion at 01:58.

That’s everything we know about the Atlas Fallen release date. If you want to brush up on your action-adventure game skills before Atlas Fallen launches, check out our list which contains the best games the genre has to offer. Likewise, our best PC games list highlights AAA experiences to keep you entertained for hundreds of hours.

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