Avatar of Titan boss guide (Glittering Deeps)

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There are several bosses that you must face in Asterigos: Curse of the Stars. One particular encounter has a more cinematic feel to it compared to other battles. Here’s our Asterigos: Curse of the Stars Avatar of Titan boss guide to help you defeat this opponent in the Glittering Deeps level.

Note: For more information, check out our Asterigos: Curse of the Stars guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains minor spoilers.


Asterigos: Curse of the Stars – Avatar of Titan boss guide (Glittering Deeps)

The Avatar of Titan boss fight in Asterigos: Curse of the Stars has a little surprise for Hilda. That’s because she’ll finally find her dad, Harold, who’s been on the trail of the monster. Once the battle begins, Harold will cast a shield to block its beam, but you’ll hardly be able to damage it. Instead, look to the left and climb up the wall.

Above the ledge, you’ll see a device guarded by some crystalline mobs. You’ll probably need the hammer or spear to make quick work of them. Once the linked mob is dead, you can destroy the device.

Check the nearby wall so you can continue climbing. There are some enemies here, as well as another device.

After destroying the second contraption, Harold will yell that you need to run back to him. This is when the boss will begin casting its ultimate, insta-kill ability.

Look for ledges leading down, and quickly roll/sprint to get within the shield’s aura. After a few seconds, a bright flash will signify that the boss is finished casting its ultimate.

Now, it’s time for the sustained DPS phase of the fight. The Avatar of Titan only has few abilities, including one that bombards the area. However, you should be able to see the warnings on the ground.

The following instances should occur during this part of the Avatar of Titan boss fight in Asterigos: Curse of the Stars:

  • Harold’s beam will gradually deplete the creature’s HP.
  • If he yells that the monster is distracted, one of its arms might be on the ground, allowing you to slash it.
  • A few seconds later, it’ll get stunned. This lets you (and Harold) wail away on its head for massive damage.
  • Shortly thereafter, it’ll spawn additional crystalline mobs that you need to be wary of.
  • While all of this is going on, pay attention when Harold tells you to get inside the shield. That’s when the boss is casting its ultimate again.

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars is available via Steam.

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