Baldur’s Gate 3 creator Larian has two new games it wants to make

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Since Baldur’s Gate 3 developer Larian announced that it was moving on from the DnD universe, meaning no BG3 DLC or a fabled Baldur’s Gate 4 from that team, the studio’s CEO Swen Vincke says that the team has two games it really wants to make, while teasing what these projects could end up being.

If you were holding out hope for Larian to deliver more Baldur’s Gate 3 those hopes have already been dashed, but the dream of another stunning Larian RPG game very much lives on.

“We have two games that we want to make and we have lots of concepts, so let’s just have closures on [Baldur’s Gate 3],” Vincke tells IGN in a new interview.“We’ve done our job. It is a story with the beginning and middle and an end, so let’s end it here on a high and just pass the torch to the next developer to pick up what is an incredible legacy.”

Vincke already announced that Larian is moving on from Baldur’s Gate 3 after the team had discussions about potential DLC, with Vincke adding that DnD IP owner Wizards of the Coast “did its best” to help with BG3. One guess is that Larian is going back to make Divinity Original Sin 3, although Vincke cannot say outright.

“Yeah, I can’t tell you,” Vincke says. “No, it [one of the studio’s new projects] will have its proper moment. Hopefully nobody’s going to leak it for us, but it’s different than what you think it is, but it is still familiar enough for you to recognize that it’s something that we are making.”

So it looks like Larian is in the early stages for a couple of projects with many more ideas floating around. Vincke says the team is “very excited by a couple of the new things that we were planning on doing,” even if we don’t know what they are yet.

Personally, I’d love to see Larian tackle something more in the vein of sci-fi, or for the team to just cook up a completely wild, out-there world and tell more great character-driven stories within. Whatever the team does next though, I’ll be front row and middle of the aisle.

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