Baldur’s Gate 3 D&D dev explains why you can’t kiss a Mind Flayer

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As the latest game from the creators of Divinity: Original Sin 2, D&D RPG Baldur’s Gate 3 offers players similar levels of choice-based gameplay – so one player asked developer Larian why it wasn’t possible to romance one of the game’s monstrous Mind Flayers. It’s all about respect, apparently.

The Mind Flayers are the main antagonists of Baldur’s Gate 3, the still in development Dungeons & Dragons RPG from Larian Studios. The monstrous tentacle-mouthed psychic Illithids are horrifying creations that most people wouldn’t want to get romantically involved with, but no one should underestimate just how horny D&D players can get.

User @calamarti on Twitter sent a report in Larian about an issue she had with Baldur’s Gate 3 – specifically, how disappointing it was that it wasn’t possible to kiss or romance a Mind Flayer in the game. What made it even more fun was that Larian responded, in all seriousness, and suggested that they originally planned to let players kiss Mind Flayers but it’s not what the monsters would’ve wanted.

“To have a truly romantic moment with the Mind Flayer,” the response reads, “it all needs to be done telepathically. I know that for us mere humans this might look more disappointing but we have to respect the wishes of the Mind Flayer too.” Larian team member Reinaert concludes with, “we have to find the right balance between what we want, and what they want.”

So, no romancing Mind Flayers for now, unless it’s all done telepathically – no kissing or touching. That might not be good enough for the vast majority of players who are committed to having sexy sex all the time, but it’ll have to be for now. Maybe there’ll be something in the next patch.

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