Best Ammo Mods in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ), ranked

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From playing Zombies in older Call of Duty games you can remember how much everything is against you. No matter if you’re playing with friends and are perfectly situated. For the latest release much is the same. A lot of mechanics are coming over from older games like Ammo Mods. This guide will highlight the Ammo Mods for you in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ) in a ranked list. So use it when preparing for the fight. 

Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ): Best Ammo Mods – Ranked

Ammo Mods are a way to further enhance your weapon. There are attributes that do different things. Much like the Field Upgrades, the same rules apply here. There are about five of them, but not all are useful. However, you should still try each of them because they could open up different gameplay opportunities. 

Best Ammo Mods

Before going any further, at the time of writing this, Zombies is still not out. So the mods may behave the same way as they did in older Call of Duty Games. With the same breath, most of them are subject to change when the full game comes out. When it does, and if the mods are different, we will update this piece. 

Screenshot: Activision
  • Dead Wire – Electrocutes a zombie and causes damage to any zombie nearby: AoE attacks are quite important, but some could do more damage than others. Dead Wire can help keep the pressure low making a group of zombies stop moving. When this happens, it’s easier to counter. But again, the reason why I’m placing it here is because it might not do the same amount of damage as other mods that have Aoe attributes
  • Cryo Freeze – Freezes a zombie and once you kill it, the blast might freeze other zombies: If you can control the the zombies coming towards the group, you might have an easier time dealing with the waves of them approaching. Plus, as mentioned, if you destroy the frozen zombie, it could cause a blast that freezes anything else nearby. It seems like the harder zombies to kill can be managed better with this mod.
  • Shatter Blast – The attributes of this mod are unknown, but according to a guide by a fellow writer, it could be a concussive blast that deals a high amount of damage and pushes zombies back: If that theory is true, crowd control could be easy to do. Just aim at a zombie and watch it fly back knocking other zombies down. Like Dead Wire, it could help counter attacks as well.
  • Napalm Blast – Fire explodes and causes fire damage to the surrounding area including zombies: Rather than focusing on the zombies themselves, Napalm Blast can create areas where you can push zombies into. This way, the team will put in damage and the environment will put a heavy amount of damage. You can use it directly on zombies, but to get the most out of it, I’d say shoot into areas with a large number of zombies. You can create a blazing inferno that way.
  • Brain Rot – Turns enemy zombies into friendlies and starts attacking for you: Having this mod might make things much easier. If you’re alone, you can get a second hand. For groups, there will be that extra power. I could see this one being used the most and that’s why I put it number one. If the enemy zombies attack the friendly one, you can divert your attention to the challenges or missions. It just helps keep the zombies off you and your team. 
Mwz Ammo Mods1
Screenshot: Activision

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Modern Warfare is available for pre-order now via Steam.

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