Best Arc Fragments in Destiny 2

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With the updated fragment build that has been introduced with the Season of Defiance, the list of the best arc fragments in Destiny 2 has changed. The introduction of both the Spark of Haste and Spark of Instinct has switched the game up, yet again.

The ideal Arc Fragments for your PvE and PvP Destiny 2 builds

Of course, this is all subjective. However, these are the 6 fragments I would opt for in Destiny 2. There are more fragments out there to use, but I find most of the others are surpassed by gear. These, however, are essential to maximise your damage and generation in Destiny 2.


Spark of Haste

Fast as lightning is the name of the game in any Arc build, and the Spark of Haste is the key to this. It is a new addition to the lineup, but it is a key fragment to use in your Destiny 2 build. It provides drastically improved resistance, recovery, and mobility while sprinting.

The boost isn’t a small one either; it is a solid +30 to each of the stats. This is an incredible addition to any build and will have you flying around the map, supercharged to the eyeballs. Sprinting is more or less a constant in a lot of PvP and can be used to great effect in PvE. This is one of my favourite Arc Fragments to implement if you have the space in Destiny 2.

Spark of Resistance

Being surrounded by combatants increases damage resistance. The arc fragment also gives plus ten strength, just giving it more reason to be equipped in Destiny 2. This one is a no-brainer for most Arc builds with its ability to stack with other DR buffs on gear.

This Arc fragment really shines in rooms full of Ads, as all you need is three enemies around you to receive the bonus. The 25% boost is applied in most game modes but reduced to 7.5% in Crucible. These are amazing numbers to work with as an Arc build.

As this Spark works alongside your gear, you can easily become an absolute juggernaut of damage resistance. It can also be paired with healing buffs to make you almost invincible. It is an essential fragment to keep equipped.

Spark of Shock

Best Arc Fragments in Destiny 2, ranked

Jolt is at the core of the Arc 3.0 update in Destiny 2. It works by chaining lightning between enemies, resulting in a fantastic opportunity for crowd control. The Spark of Shock fragment is easily one of the best you can have equipped to make the most of the Jolt addition to Destiny 2.

The Spark of Shock may take 10 from your discipline stat, but it also imbues all Arc grenades with Jolt. Now, when throwing your grenades into a crowd, you can watch the lightning ride around the room. No matter what grenades you choose to use in Destiny 2, you’re going to be able to apply some serious Arc pressure. The nature of the spreading damage can keep enemies at bay.

Spark of Recharge

If you like to play aggressively, especially in PvP, you will be no stranger to having your shields cracked. This Arc Fragment in Destiny 2 is the perfect companion to that playstyle. Whenever shields are depleted, grenades and melee recharge are given a huge boost. Running in, getting shields dropped, and delivering a huge melee kill has never been easier.

Of course, this does have its downsides. You aren’t going to want to use this if you are in endgame boss battles. At this point, you’re going to want to avoid the vulnerability of having no shields. However, for early game and PvP, this fragment is a must-have in Destiny 2.

Spark of Magnitude

Best Arc Fragments in Destiny 2, ranked

This Arc fragment is great for area denial. It simply keeps your lingering grenades in place longer. When you pop any of your grenades, their damage is going to continue for 50% longer than it normally would.

This is an excellent addition to and PvP build. It will ensure that you can keep lags and points longer or stop enemies using those annoying choke points as well as they usually would. In PvE, it’s only going to increase the DPS of your build and keep the hordes at bay.

Spark of Ions

This fragment should be in any decent Arc build in Destiny 2. It causes all killed, jolted enemies to drop an Ionic Trace. These reduce cooldowns of your Arc ability when collected by a huge 12.5%. This means that you’re going to be able to carry on spamming those grenades and collecting even more Ionic Trace.

As fragments go, this is up there with some of the best. It creates some serious synergy between the other fragments and will keep your guardian topped up with abilities. All Arc builds can make the most of this build, as grenades are a core part of any build.

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