Best Black Friday PC gaming deals 2023 – what to expect

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Black Friday has morphed from a US-only sales day to become one of the biggest retail events around the world. Every year, the best Black Friday PC gaming deals get better, but with so many retailers now clambering for your attention and your money, it’s hard to tell what’s a genuinely good deal. We’ve been covering Black Friday for years, and we’ll help you to find the PC gaming offers that are really worth it.

When it comes to the best Black Friday gaming deals and discounts, PC hardware and games making up a large chunk of those discounts. So, how do you track down the biggest deals and tick those dream items off your wishlist?

Stick with us, and we’ll give you the key dates, details of early deals, the best places to shop, and top tips for avoiding the pitfalls of online shopping this Black Friday. We’re here to sniff out the biggest and best Black Friday gaming deals on the web to help you get everything you want for the best price possible. 

Our squad of deal hunters is already getting ready to search every corner of the internet so they can uncover all of the Black Friday 2023 deals. All you need to do is keep checking back on this page throughout November as we update it with all of the new deals as they come in.

Whether you want a full-blown gaming system, the best gaming laptop to game on the go, or chasing the endless upgrades needed to create that perfect gaming PC, we’ll find the best deals for all of these things and give you the unique opportunity to upgrade your gaming setup. We’ll sneak in a few Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo-related deals on the sly because we know many PC gamers have a soft spot for their consoles.

When is Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday 2023 takes place on Friday, November 24. However, that’s a date not to get too fixated upon because, with Cyber Monday on Monday, November 27, retailers are unlikely to limit themselves to Friday alone.

Larger retailers like Best Buy and Amazon tend to start the Black Friday fun early, drip-feeding deals out up to a month before the day itself, while others stick to the weekend and finish up on Cyber Monday. Keep this page bookmarked, and make sure you come back regularly for the latest news on early Black Friday gaming deals.

Early Black Friday gaming deals and sales

As we get closer to the big day, early Black Friday gaming deals will start to trickle out from the bigger retailers. Last year we began to see discounts in late October, but with Dell’s ‘Black Friday in July’ event setting a new standard, it could be even earlier this year.

How long do Black Friday gaming deals last?

There’s no definitive answer to this, as retailers set their own sales periods, but we do know that many brands don’t just stick to Black Friday or the weekend leading up to Cyber Monday. Below, we’ve picked out some key retailers and used 2022’s sales as an indicator of how things may go on Black Friday 2023.

Where are the best Black Friday gaming deals for 2023?

We’ve been covering Black Friday gaming deals and other seasonal sales events for years, so we know exactly where to find the best deals online. Whether you’re looking for a RAM upgrade, a new graphics card, some cut-price peripherals, or the latest PC games at hugely discounted rates, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of the retailers known for dropping the best Black Friday deals.


A long-time Black Friday advocate, Amazon runs a tight ship on pricing for the rest of the year, so expect its Black Friday deals to be pretty spectacular. Amazon’s Prime Day in July is a barometer for the mood of retailers, but Amazon Black Friday gaming deals tend to be more varied and slightly cheaper. Amazon often runs one of the longest Black Friday promotions, so keep an eye on this page for daily updates.

Best Buy

The consumer electronics retailer likes to make the most of Black Friday. Last year, its deals ran from late October all the way through to Cyber Monday. However, many deals were quantity- or time-limited, so if you want to ensure you’re on top of the Best Buy Black Friday deals in 2023, this page is your North Star for news.


Connoisseur of premium peripherals, components and pre-built PCs, Corsair also boasts a fine selection of subsidiaries in the shape of Elgato, Drop, Origins, and SCUF. In 2022, we saw Corsair offering 15% off sitewide. Elgato had ‘up to 30% off’ some items, Drop beat that with ‘up to 40% off’, Origins had discounted some products by up to $600 and SCUF offered $50 off Reflex FPS controllers.


Dell offers a huge selection of gaming-focused desktops, plus Dell gaming laptops and the best Alienware laptops. In 2022, the brand’s Black Friday gaming deals offered around 15-25% off most products with an inflation-busting 50% off the Dell S2522HG 1080p gaming monitor. Expect more of the same from Dell’s Black Friday deals in 2023.


As if GameStop’s daily deals weren’t good enough, its Black Friday sales are well worth getting excited about. So, what can you expect from 2023’s Black Friday gaming deals? Last year, the retailer kicked off its Black Friday sale a full 12 days before the official date, so keep checking back on this page for up-to-the-minute details of GameStop’s Black Friday discounts.


In 2022, Walmart’s Black Friday sale started on November 22nd, three days before Black Friday proper and ended on Wednesday, November 30th. During that period, highlights included the MSI Katana GF66 for 34% off MSRP and up to 40% off PC gaming kit. We’ll keep an eye on Walmart Black Friday gaming deals on this page, so keep checking in for the latest news.

Black Friday shopping advice

‘Buy cheap, buy twice’ goes the old adage, but it was meant as a cautionary tale, not as Black Friday shopping advice. To avoid a credit card bill for the ages, here are a few shopping tips for Black Friday:

Plan ahead: It’s easy to get sucked into the Black Friday spirit and start stacking up credit card debt. To make sure you don’t overstretch yourself, make a list of the games and hardware you’re interested in and be disciplined when clicking ‘add to cart’. Remember, you’re only saving money if you were going to buy it anyway…

Set a budget: Figure out how much you can afford to spend on your wishlist. If you have to overspend on some items at the top of your list, be prepared to sacrifice one or two things lower in the pecking order.

Do your homework: Once you have a list of the things you want, make sure you know what their regular price is. Sometimes, unscrupulous retailers artificially inflate their prices pre-Black Friday to make them look better in the sale.

Be prepared: Often, the best Black Friday gaming deals sell out rapidly. Move fast if you find a killer deal on an item you want. There’s nothing worse than missing out on a great Black Friday deal because you waited too long.

Returns and refunds: Check out the store’s returns and refund policy before you buy. That way, if you change your mind, you’ll know where you stand. During sales periods like Black Friday, retailers often have exceptions to their normal returns and refund policies.

Be wary of scams: As always, be vigilant. If a deal looks too good to be true – even at this time of year – it probably is. Make sure to use secure payment methods and try to use a credit card to make transactions where possible – if things go wrong, you’ll have a better chance of getting your money back than if you use a debit card.

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