Best builds in Backpack Battles tier list

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Backpack Battles has near enough an unlimited variation of builds as you progress through the fights and purchase more items. With four classes, 20 subclasses, and dozens upon dozens of items, you’ll need to figure out the best of the best to win fights.

For ease, I will be ranking the Backpack Battles classes, and then detailing their top three builds below them. This way, you can easily find the best classes and what they’re the best at. I will be taking the strength of the build as well as how easy it is to execute into account.

S Tier – Ranger

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Ranger class may seem to be the most basic, but she is prone to simply the greatest and most overpowered builds in the game. If you manage to tailor her strongest build correctly, then you will find it very hard to lose a fight.

Below are the best builds that can be made rather easily for the Ranger

The Grovekeeper Hammer build

The 40 random buffs from the Mega Clover are incredibly powerful. Pair that with a Hammer and as many Daggers as you can fit, and you’ve got something special. Your opponent will struggle to do meaningful damage to you whilst you crush them with an onslaught of weaponry.

The Beastmaster Shortbow build

The forest creatures you’ll be able to hire thanks to the Big Bowl of Treats allows you to rapidly attack your opponent for free. Pair that with all the Spikes you’ll be getting and all the Pestilence your opponent will be suffering from, and you’ve got a fantastic build. Shortbows compliment this build very well.

The Grovekeeper Djinn build

This one is a little trickier to pull off, but it’s fantastic. With the Mega Clover popping off 40 buffs, your Djinn Lamps have all they need to soar your weapon’s attack power. They’ll also keep the buffs coming in. Make sure to have strong armor and one powerful weapon to make the most of this build.

A Tier – Pyromancer

Pyromancer Backpack Battles
Image: Ben’s Backpack

The Pyromancer is a class that has a much easier time pulling off her most powerful builds. As you can imagine, tapping into the Flames is key to success. You will be able to topple almost any foe with the right builds.

The Ashbringer Spear build

This build revolves around your reincarnation thanks to the Dark Lantern being as powerful as possible. Fill the right side of the lantern with dark armor pieces and the left side with a strong weapon, such as the Molten Spear. All the Flames will accelerate your Molten Spear to destroy your opponent, before and after your death.

The Firebender Fire Staff build

You’ll need a high Mana output, but Friendly Fire will make it worthwhile. Equip at least a few Mana Orbs and fill all of their Star slots. Your Friendly Fire will be producing Flame at an insane rate, which will eventually strike your opponent with a shocking 100 Damage. A Staff of Fire will also be handy to deal even more damage for your many Mana.

The Crusader Lightsaber build

Combining the Burning Banner with Holy weapons and armor will allow you to blind your opponent to no end. How they defeat you if they can hardly touch you? As an added bonus, you’ll be much more protected against debuffs, and you foe will be more resistant to their own buffs. Just to kick ’em while they’re down.

B Tier – Berserker

Berserker Backpack Battles
Image: Hairenstein

The Berserker is a class that does have some fantastic builds that are easy to amass, but not too many, hence the B Tier. If you are to play well with the Berserker, you’ll need to make sure you’re pivoting to one of these builds.

The Blacksmith Double Axe build

The Double Axe is simply one of the best weapons in Backpack Battles, especially paired with the Anvil. Surrounding your Anvil with hot coals will boost your Double Axe to make it crush through any armor and destroy any opponent. Just make sure to also forge some armor to stomach hits yourself.

The Fighter Hammer build

The Fighter subclass benefits from Brass Knuckles, which boosts surrounding weapons and attacks for no stamina. With one Hammer and many Daggers, you could produce an onslaught of quick-firing weaponry, with only one costing your Stamina. Make sure to have some Heroic Potions and Bananas, though.

The Pack Leader Double Axe build

Being able to recruit and armor wolves is naturally a very powerful thing, especially as they all boost each other when next to each other. Courage Puppies will attack your opponent for free, and the other Puppies will buff you and increase your Block. Pair these free attacks and buffs with the Double Axe, and none will stand in your way.

C Tier – Reaper

Reaper Backpack Battles
Image: Idle Club

The Reaper, rather shockingly, doesn’t have any meta builds, hence it is currently the worst of all classes in Backpack Battles. Although it’s still decent, and the following builds will show that the Reaper is still useful and powerful.

The Venomancer Double Death Scythe build

This build, like any good Reaper build, focuses on pumping your opponent full of Pestilence. This build uses the Snake, however, to make it harder for your opponent to cleanse it. With two Death Scythes supported by Pestilence Flasks and Poison Daggers, you’ll be able to riddle them with the plague, quickly melting their health.

The Hexblade Pestilence build

The Hexblade’s Cursed Dagger benefits from the debuffs on your opponent, as well as inflicts them. Paring the Cursed Dagger with another Poison Dagger and Death Scythe, and having a shocking amount of Pestilence Flasks will allow you to riddle your opponent with debuffs. In turn, all your weapons will become more accurate and more deadly.

The Witch Death Scythe build

Considering the Reaper is so good at building up debuffs, it would be crazy not to utilise the Strong Demonic Flasks. Using Mr. Struggles, and the usual arrangement of a Death Scythe accompanied by many Poison Daggers and Pestilence Flasks, you’ll be able to rack up many debuffs (mostly Pestilence). When your opponent reaches half health, all the Demonic Flasks will trigger, waving goodbye to the rest of their health.

So, there you have it. The strongest classes ranked, with their best builds under them. Make sure to experiment and have fun with the game to find a strategy that works for you after trying these build ideas. Just try to get all the combination items as quickly as you can!

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