Best Gear in MW3, Ranked

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Gloves, Boots, and Gear replace the traditional Perk system we all know and love from previous Call of Duty games. These items function similarly to Perks, and you can assemble incredibly unique combinations. As you may expect, Gear in MW3 isn’t created equally. With this in mind, let me show you the best Gear in MW3, ranked.

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Best gear perks in MW3

Before we dive into what gear is the best, let me show you what each one does, as some of these are incredibly potent:

  • EOD Padding – Reduces damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire.
  • Tac Mask – Reduces strength of flash, stun, and gas grenades. Immunity to shock, EMP, and Snapshot Grenade.
  • Mission Control Comlink – Reduce Killstreak cost by one kill. Reduce Scorestreak cost by 125.
  • Bone Conduction Headset – Reduces combat noise, allowing improved identification of enemy footsteps and gunfire.
  • L/R Detector – Warns of hostile laser and radiation sources.
  • Ghost T/V Camo – While moving, blocks detection by UAVs, enemy radar sources, and Heartbeat Sensors.
  • Hijacked IFF Strobe – Undetectable by AI targeting systems and thermal optics. Does not highlight in enemy Tactical Cameras or Recon Drones
  • Mag Holster – Improved reload speed
  • Blacklight Flashlight – Shows recent enemy footsteps
  • Signal Jammer – Emits signal disrupting placed enemy claymores and mines. Warns of nearby enemy equipment.
  • Threat Identification System – While ADS, automatically pings enemy locations in crosshairs.
  • Data Jacker – Enemies you kill drop a smartphone. Collecting the smartphone generates a radar ping from that location.
Image: PC Invasion

All Gear in MW3 ranked

Now that you know your way around the gear offerings in MW3, let’s find out which is the best. I’m usually an aggressive player who likes to move around the map. Your mileage may vary with a different playstyle.

#12 L/R Detector

While the L/R Detector helps spot things like the Guardian Killstreak, there’s a strong case for spending your valuable gear slot elsewhere.

The Guardian Killstreak is annoying but won’t kill you and can easily be dealt with. Not to mention, you can hear it a mile away. The benefits of the L/R Detector are far too niche, and other gear options provide more immediate value.

#11 Data Jacker

Data Jacker has the potential to be great, but paying attention to collecting a phone rather than the enemy is a big no in my book.

Still, there’s no denying the power of radar pings, especially in high-traffic areas like the main building on Skidrow. If you’re willing to put in the work, Data Jacker has its uses. I prefer gear that grants passive benefits with little input, hence the low ranking.

#10 Threat Identification System

The Threat Identification System is fantastic and helps spot dark-clothed opponents against drab urban backgrounds. I’ve not had a problem seeing enemies in MW3, but if you have, the Threat Identification System may be worth the cost of admission.

This gear is hard for me to rank as I don’t struggle with the issue it’s meant to solve. If you have a tough time with target acquisition, I urge you to experiment and see if it improves your game.

#9 Mag Holster

Mag Holster is a simple way to spend a gear slot, but an effective one nonetheless. The usefulness of this item depends entirely on what gun you’re using, as many SMGs and Assault Rifles reload quickly without help.

If you’re using an LMG and can’t think of a better piece of gear to use, the Mag Holster is a great choice.

#8 Signal Jammer

Signal Jammer is fine, especially against campers who cover their backs with explosives. Much like the Hijacked IFF Strobe, the Signal Jammer’s usefulness depends entirely on your opponent’s actions.

I typically run the Engineer Vest and find it sufficient to deal with pesky enemy equipment. If you use another vest and keep falling victim to claymores, Signal Jammer may be for you, but it has limited uses.

#7 Mission Control Comlink

The Mission Control Comlink is MW3’s answer to the Hardline Perk. Killstreaks require one less kill with this gear, making it a superb choice for beginners. With the Comlink, you can flood the sky with UAVs and litter the battlefield with low-cost Killstreaks.

The issue is that whenever you die, you must ask yourself if the other gear options would have kept you alive. Who knows how long your streak would have been if EOD Padding or the Tac Mask saved you?

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Image: PC Invasion

#6 Hijacked IFF Strobe

I love being immune to thermals and enemy air support, so the Hijacked IFF Strobe is a strong choice for me. That said, if you’re on even footing with your opponents and there’s no thermals to worry about, Hijacked IFF Strobe is a wasted gear slot.

While not useful in every game, this gear is worth keeping in a backup class when the round isn’t going your way. Your team will love you if you combine this with a rocket launcher to knock out air support.

#5 EOD Padding

EOD Padding is great on small maps or in objective modes where you need to lock down an area. This gear takes the sting out of enemy explosives. The downside is your opponents need to be throwing tons of grenades for you to get any value from it.

EOD Padding’s usefulness depends on too many factors to rank higher, but it can be a game changer in the right situation.

#4 Blacklight Flashlight

The ability to see enemy footsteps is incredibly strong in MW3, as it’s easier to disengage from battles than in MW2. Blacklight Flashlight is a great choice for aggressive players. This gear is also helpful if you’re rocking an SMG and can easily catch up with your opponents.

The Blacklight Flashlight is worthy of a spare slot but narrowly misses out on higher placement with so many other powerful options available.

Best gear in MW3 ranked
Image: PC Invasion

#3 Tac Mask

The Tac Mask protects from many popular throwables and can allow you to turn fights around when your opponent is sure they have the advantage.

The part that brings Tac Mask to the next level is full immunity to Shock and Snapshot Grenades. Snapshot Grenades, in particular, are a death sentence in most situations. The ability to nullify them entirely elevates Tac Mask over most other choices and is only outclassed by the top two.

#2 Ghost T/V Camo

If your heart sinks whenever your opponents call in a UAV, the Ghost T/V Camo is for you. This gear effectively renders the most popular Killstreak in MW3 useless, at least until your teammates give you away.

Ghost T/V Camo doesn’t provide any combat bonuses but is perfect for players who like to skulk around the edges of the map. If you’re a flanker, this gear is excellent, and it makes you immune to Heartbeat Sensors as a bonus.

#1 Bone Conduction Headset

In my Boots ranked list, I declared the Covert Sneakers the best footwear in MW3. If you wear the Bone Conduction Headset, that may not be true. The Headset lets the wearer hear enemy footsteps and gunfire more clearly and directly counters the Sneakers.

Sound is always important in Call of Duty, so anything to improve that aspect of the game is a big deal. The Covert Sneakers will always be popular as they make your footsteps silent. If the Bone Conduction Headset stops that, you need a very good reason not to wear it.

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