Best MORS sniper build in MW3, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile

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Season Three of Call of Duty brings back the MORS sniper rifle from Advanced Warfare for use in Modern Warfare 3, Warzone, and the newly released Warzone Mobile. This rifle still packs a punch, even when compared to the newest Warzone snipers.

Unlike other Warzone and MW3 sniper rifles, the MORS is a railgun that fires a single high-power shot before rechambering. Because it’s from the future (the weapon originally debuted in 2014’s Advanced Warfare) it never needs to reload. It’s definitely one of the coolest weapons added to Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone this year, and this high-tech sniper is going to become a battle royale staple because of its damage and range.

Best MORS Attachments in Call of Duty

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Because of its future tech, the MORS already has excellent damage, range, and stability, even when compared to Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone’s extensive suite of sniper rifles. The best attachment setup for the MORS makes its strengths even stronger, however.

  • Optic: MORS Hexer Optic
  • Stock: Highroad Heavy Stock
  • Bolt: Quick Bolt
  • Barrel: Emperor Long Barrel
  • Underbarrel: Bruen Heavy Support Grip

The MORS Hexer Optic was designed specifically for this weapon, so it’s a perfect fit. You can swap it out with a sniper scope of your choice, though, or you could even put a short-range reflex or red dot sight on this gun if you want to use it in close-range battles. To complete the Advanced Warfare look, equip the JAK Glassless Optic for a close-range MORS build.

Since the MORS doesn’t ever need to reload, you don’t have to worry about a magazine. Instead, the Quick Bolt allows the weapon to rechamber faster, increasing its fire rate. To help with the accuracy reduction from the bolt selection, the Bruen Heavy Support Grip reduces the weapon’s kick and recoil. To ensure a smooth aiming experience, the Highroad Heavy Stock reduces scope sway and increases steadiness on top of that.

Finally, the MORS already has an impressive damage range, but the Emperor Long Barrel will let you pull off some truly impressive long-range snipes in Warzone with just a slight penalty to ADS speed. If you’re only going to use the MORS in multiplayer modes, however, then the Downfall Light Barrel is a better fit for a lightweight, mobile MORS build.

Best MORS Class Setup and Perks

Mw3 Fjx Horus
Screenshot: PC Invasion

While the MORS can still hold its own in close-range battles thanks to its devastating one-shot kill potential, you should still bring a second weapon that fills any gaps in your loadout.

The FJX Horus is a fantastic choice for a secondary weapon in a MORS loadout. It’s a fast-firing SMG that struggles outside of close-quarters engagements, but that’s what the MORS is for. Plus, since you don’t have to worry about the range of the FJX Horus in this loadout, you can use attachments that boost its handling and mobility while ignoring anything that improves range or recoil control.

If you’re playing Warzone Mobile with the MORS, then you should use the Deadeye perk package. For console and PC players, here’s the best class setup for the MORS.

  • Tactical: Stun Grenade
  • Lethal: Frag Grenade
  • Gloves: Marksman Gloves
  • Boots: Running Sneakers
  • Gear: Ghost T/V Camo

The classic Stun and Frag combo works wonders in both Warzone and standard multiplayer, but you can swap either of them out for grenades of your choice. Make sure you equip the Overkill Vest so you can use the FJX Horus with the MORS, though.

Marskman Gloves are perfect for sniping since reduce flinching and sway when aiming. If you need to quickly relocate to a new position or escape an approaching enemy, then the Running Sneakers will help you do so successfully with increased Tac Sprint duration and reduced cooldown. Finally, you can’t go wrong with Ghost T/V Camo to hide yourself from UAVs and radar.

Even though there are a ton of strong long-range weapons in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, the MORS is already proving itself to be one of the best snipers in the game.

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