Best roguelike Power Ups in Stolen Realm

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There’s nothing like a little – or even huge – boost to counter the unfair nature of destiny. Here are the best roguelike Power Ups in Stolen Realm.

Stolen Realm: Best roguelike Power Ups

Roguelikes are games of skill and luck. Having a lot of skill but awful luck will hinder your performance and send you to the rage quitting club. Thankfully, there is a way to alter the outcome of your Stolen Realm runs, and that is purchasing PowerUps. These are permanent modifiers that will stay regardless of whether you die or not. To get them, you will need to gather Gems which are granted according to your performance before your untimely death. Which ones should you choose? Well, take a look at the table below:

Power Up Effect Description
Attribute Points Attribute points per level +1 Increasing your attributes will make your character stronger. Period. Now picture yourself getting more attribute points and dominating the procedurally generated world. Now that is priceless – except this Power Up does cost, but you know what I mean. Right?
Movement Gain 1 additional movement Be that to reach an item or an enemy, being able to move more than once per turn is a gift that only those who invest in this Power Up will get to enjoy. Just do it!
Range Gain 1 additional range This works similarly to Movement in the sense that you will be able to hit enemies that are further than you, but now without moving a single inch. Make sure your Rangers use this to their advantage.
Skill Options Skill Options +1 Be that to reach an item or an enemy, being able to move more than once per turn is a gift that only those who invest in this Power Up will get to enjoy. Just do it!
Treasure Find +20% increased Treasure Find Roguelikes is all about procedural generation, which is a fancy word for luck. Sort of. What is “luck” is the chance of encountering sweet and valuable treasures, so increasing the probability of encountering them is something you cannot dismiss.
Damage and Healing +5% Damage and Healing This is a no-brainer for anyone who has experienced roguelikes and gaming as a whole. This Power Up is especially beneficial due to its duality. Allowing you to deal more damage and increasing your healing capabilities? Sign me in.
Increased Gold Find +10% Gold Find Increasing the chances to find more Gold will positively impact the amount of gear you can purchase from merchants during your roguelike run. If you feel like you need an upgrade, be sure to invest in this so you can afford that sweet sword or ring you are looking for.
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Other minor Power Ups will cost less and even help you out a bit, but I would suggest prioritizing the ones above and then moving down to the lesser ones like Mighgt, Resist Cold, Vitality, etc. These are suggestions that you will need to take with a grain of salt, so be sure to combine these Power Up choices with the best Skills in the game and a great party composition to survive the Stolen Realm’s roguelike mode.

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