Best ways to deal with Hazardous Events in Lightyear Frontier

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Protecting and nurturing crops is a major focus in Lightyear Frontier, so anything threatening your farm is a huge issue. Hazardous Events are random occurrences that can destroy your entire farmland, ruining hours of hard work.

The good news is that there are ways to deal with Hazardous Events and constantly be prepared for when they show up. Here are the best ways to deal with Hazardous Events in Lightyear Frontier.

How to complete Hazardous Events in Lightyear Frontier

There are two known Hazardous Events in Lightyear Frontier: Weed Seed and Noxious Bubbles. Each event requires a different strategy to handle it to protect your crops from being destroyed.

Weed Seed Hazardous Event

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The first Hazardous Event you’ll encounter in Lightyear Frontier is the Weed Seed event, during which toxic weeds fall from the sky. If any of the weeds land on your plots, they will plant themselves into the dirt and destroy your fully grown plants. You do not want this to happen, or else you’ll have to repeat the farming process (collecting seeds, planting, watering, etc), which can be time-consuming.

The best way to handle Weed Seed Hazardous Events in Lightyear Frontier is to use your vacuum to suck the weeds out of the sky before they reach the ground. While the event only lasts 60 seconds, it can become overwhelming as a ton of weeds can approach your farmland rapidly. Stay near your plots with your vacuum on the entire duration of the event. This method has helped me to consistently protect my plants.

Noxious Bubbles Hazardous Event

How to get Noxious Pods in Lightyear Frontier
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The more annoying Hazardous Event in Lightyear Frontier is the noxious bubbles, which can burst and spread toxic waste throughout your farm. I encountered my first Noxious Bubble event on day 13, but it’s unknown if that’s the same for everyone.

The best way to deal with Noxious Bubbles in Lightyear Frontier is to use your Irrigation Hose on them. The water from the irrigation hose can completely remove the danger of the harmful bubbles, protecting your crops and farmland. After using your hose on the Noxious Bubbles, they will turn into Noxious Pods, valuable resources for crafting purposes.

I recommend you make sure your Irrigation Hose is filled to capacity before ending a day so you can always be prepared for the Noxious Bubble event. You never know if a hazardous event will be waiting for you in the morning of the following day, so better safe than sorry.

Now that you understand how to deal with the two Hazardous Events in Lightyear Frontier, you’re now a better and smarter farmer overall. If you need a break from farming, take some time to look for all the ancient ruins and artifacts.

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