Cassette Beasts Showcase 2024 Highlights

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Publisher Raw Fury, together with developer Bytten Studio, released a showcase for their creature collector turn-based RPG Cassette Beasts earlier today. Catch up on the highlights with our recap!

For those looking to bring a friend along for the journey, Cassette Beasts will receive a Multiplayer update May 20. 

The following options will be available for players:

  • Party and explore the world of Cassette Beasts with up to 8 friends, all visible in their world
  • One can join a “Play With Friends” mode where players can match with anyone on their friends list via an invite code
  • One can challenge their friends in PvP battles and assign custom rules to their battle such as enabling/disabling sticker attributes
  • One can team up for two-player co-op raids against Rogue Fusions, and trade tapes with each other

Learn more with the reveal trailer below:

Cassette Beasts | Multiplayer Date Announcement Trailer

For those looking to join the multiplayer beta, be sure to follow the Multiplayer Beta Opt-in Instructions via the following Steam Community Guide.

Also beginning May 20, fans will be able to experience an in-game collaboration event with Moonstone Island. This brings with it Moonstone-Island themed costumes, along with a Cassette Beasts’ Pombomb added to Moonstone Island’s Spirit roster. 

For those on the go, Cassette Beasts will launch on mobile devices worldwide soon.

Finally, Cassette Beasts will get new merchandise like a vinyl record reprint, t-shirts, a tote bag and plushies, which can be viewed and purchased via the following website

Want to see the full showcase for yourself? Be sure to tune in below:

Cassette Beasts Showcase 2024

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