Castle Kraken and The Dustmoot guide

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The Saints Row series has always been known for its silly humor. One of the funniest moments, as mentioned in our review, involved a trip to the desert with Eli. Here’s our Saints Row guide to help you with The Dustmoot mission so you can unlock Castle Kraken.

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Saints Row guide – The Dustmoot and Castle Kraken

Continue progressing further in Saints Row‘s campaign until you get a quest called The Dustmoot. In it, Eli admits that he’s a fan of live-action role-playing (LARPing). His game of choice combines a bit of cheesy fantasy and some post-apocalyptic themes (you’re surrounded by the desert, after all).

After meeting with Eli, he’ll make you don some homemade armor (and you’ll get to test some weapons as well). Next, go to the marked location to battle some baddies from House Tapeworm, a rival faction that Eli wants to humiliate so he can join House Dust Storm.

Hilarity ensues since your character and even your opponents are all acting out. That means you can use skills that would cause fatal damage. Instead, your takedowns show your character hitting nothing but air, or attempting to pull out someone’s heart. Of course, your opponents also cry out in anguish.

Eventually, the Boss and Eli agree that it might be better to start your own group: Sandy Kraken. You’ll also head to the House Tapeworm fort to eliminate the hostiles there.

Saints Row Castle Kraken Venture The Dustmoot 2

Apart from defeating enemies, you’ll also need to:

  • Open treasure chests in the vicinity (with Eli making remarks about Mimic monsters and microtransactions).
  • Go around a tube to shoot the hearts of the “Great Worm.”

Note: During the portion where you’re going around the Great Worm, make sure you stay inside the tube. There’s a bug that prevents progression if you fall down, as that will cause some enemies near the end of the tunnel to no longer spawn. If this occurs, you’ll have to restart from the most recent checkpoint.

When you’re done with the mission, you’ll unlock the Dustlander Revolver, Dustlander Crossbow, and Bone Crusher weapons. Likewise, Eli gains a slight boost to his health and strength. Best of all, you’ll be able to construct Castle Kraken in Saints Row.

The Castle Kraken building in Saints Row is a criminal venture. It requires $30,000 to construct via the Empire Table. You can also continue onward with the next tasks: defeating House Dust Storm and House Phoenix.

Srreb Dst Cstkrk 2

Saints Row is available via the Epic Games Store.

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