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Mixing together the worlds of real-time strategy and tower defense, Digital Sun’s Cataclismo is set to release July 16.

Making use of a LEGO® inspired brick building system, Cataclismo will task players with creating and designing fortresses, training and deploying a wide range of troops, optimizing production in the citadel, and making important choices. More than 100 different pieces can be mixed and matched that utilize physics-based stronghold building.

Cataclismo includes a 20-hour single player campaign that features elements like cutscenes and voiceover artists. Its story of hope and home will have players starting with humble roots, eventually becoming a master builder.

Learn more with the official Cataclismo release date trailer below:

Cataclismo | Official Release Date Trailer

A demo for Cataclismo can be found through the official Steam page for the game. Fans can also join the conversation through the official Cataclismo Discord channel.

Source: Press Release

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