Cities Skylines 2 finally gets official mod support, new asset pack

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Cities Skylines 2 has had a difficult time getting into shape over the months since it launched. The highly anticipated sequel has faced issues with its in-game economy, traffic AI, and general performance, with fan mods helping to fix some of these problems while creators Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive, publisher of Crusader Kings 3, Stellaris, and more, have worked continually to address others.  Now, after spending a lot of time trying to juggle both fixing and adding to the game, official mod support has just been launched alongside Cities Skylines 2’s first asset pack and a 10% off discount.

Players have been able to use unofficial mods to tweak or fix aspects of the city building game for some time now, but today’s news sees official support coming directly to Cities Skylines 2. The in-game mod editor brings the customization tools that audiences have been waiting for as well as sharing options on Paradox Mods and map editing features.

Alongside this, Cities Skylines 2 has received a variety of technical and design fixes and its first asset pack since launch: Beach Properties. As the name suggests, the paid DLC adds in new North American and European waterfront zoning and appropriately themed buildings (and palm trees) to go along with it. Cities Skylines 2 is also offering the Deluxe Relax Station as DLC, which includes new DJ audio and 16 new songs.

Anyone waiting to check out Cities Skylines 2 until official mod support arrived is in luck. Steam has the game discounted by 10% ($44.99 / £37.79) until Thursday, March 28. Grab it right here.

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