Coral Island: Tree Planting Festival guide

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On Spring 21, all of Coral Island comes together to celebrate the Tree Planting Festival, and this guide will help you complete the event to all its potential.

From 8 am to 2 pm, you have the chance on the 21st of Spring to help clear trash and plant new trees. Here’s everything you need to know about this festival.

How to complete the Tree Planting Festival in Coral Island

This is the second event of Spring, which is after the Cherry Blossom Festival. First off, make sure to get all your farming and other chores done before you head over to the festival. Once you complete the event the day will end. To initiate the Tree Planting Festival, you’ll want to head over to the Ranch, which is just north of your farm.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

As soon as you start walking towards it on the path, you’ll get a pop-up asking to start the festival. Before the main event begins, you have time to chat with the locals, as well as purchase items at the shop. Most of these items are cheaper than normal, which is where I got a ton of Candied tree seeds since I was running out.

You can also buy Pine, Maple, Oak, and Wild seeds, but keep in mind this is for your own use, not for the main event. The festival will provide all the seeds and tools for the Tree Planting event. I mistakenly bought a bunch of seeds to prepare, thinking it was for the event. Avoid my mistake to save some money.

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Tree Planting main event

Coral Island Tree Planting Festival Guide Debris
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Talk to Conner to trigger the main event, which will have three separate stages. The first stage has you clearing out all of the garbage and debris from your area. You can keep track of how far you’ve got to go by looking at the numbers on the top left corner of your screen.

Coral Island Tree Planting Festival Guide Till
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once that’s complete, you’ll be tilling the soil to actually plant the trees. The spots will be marked off for you. And remember that this doesn’t actually waste your Stamina like it normally does on your farm. None of this work will exhaust you.

Coral Island Tree Planting Festival Guide Plant
Screenshot: PC Invasion

After you’ve tilled a bunch of 2×2 squares, your last job is to plant the trees! Simply walk over to each square and place the tree saplings. Once you do them all, the event is complete. You can now relish in all your hard work, and you even keep all the items you recovered from clearing the debris. Hopefully, this guide on the Tree Planting Festival in Coral Island was helpful enough to allow you to fully enjoy it.

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Coral Island is available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

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