Cris Tales dated for July release on consoles and PC

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Publisher Modus Games has confirmed that time-travelling JRPG adventure Cris Tales will be releasing in July and has released a new trailer to celebrate.

Playing as Crisbell, you’ll be facing the Time Empress who’s gathering her armies to shape the world how she wants while you as a newly-minted Time Mage will be trying to stop her by gathering a party together and exploring the world. The twist is that during battles, the screen will be divided up into the past on the left and the future on the right, and moving enemies between those sections will, for example, see those foes move across the screen accordingly. 

The game was originally scheduled to release late last year, but was delayed into ‘early 2021’ back in October. A more specific release date is still to be pinned down, but until then Cris Tales is on track to release on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC this July, 2021.

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