Cyberpunk 2077 mods are getting official with CDPR’s REDMod tools

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Cyberpunk 2077 mods are getting a big boost, as CD Projekt RED has released a set of official Cyberpunk 2077 modding tools designed to make modding the game easier than ever. Eurogamer first spotted the tool set, called REDMod, and it’s available as a free download on Steam or directly from CDPR’s website. REDmod lets you create pretty much anything you can imagine and add it into the game.

“Modify and create your own experiences in Cyberpunk 2077. From custom sounds, animations, scripts, and much more, these tools will help you leave your own mark in the dark future world of Night City,” CD Projekt RED says in the official description on Steam.

Better still, REDMod works with all existing Cyberpunk mods, which means you can still use your favorite clothing mods, expansions, or combat tweaks with no issue. CDPR said REDMod allows for command line modding, but works best when used with WolvenKit, an open-source mod platform fans created for The Witcher 3 and adapted for use with Cyberpunk 2077.

The REDMod release and CDPR’s recognition of WolvenKit stands out as unique among PC developers, most of whom – aside from Bethesda and, eventually, Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone – either offer little support for modding communities or ignore them completely.

The move comes shortly after CDPR released a small new DLC pack for Cyberpunk 2077 and announced the RPG game’s long-awaited first expansion, Phantom Liberty. Phantom Liberty is due out in 2023 and promises an extra layer of intrigue for V’s journey, where the ill-fated merc joins with a brutal organization in the New United States district, much to the dissatisfaction of Johnny Silverhand, who is very much still alive. Well, as alive as he can be.

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