Dave the Diver: Seahorse racing guide

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There are plenty of unique and entertaining activities to partake in while playing Dave the Diver. Not only do you catch fish while diving and run a sushi bar, but you can also play minigames like seahorse racing. Once you make it to the Sea People Village and catch some seahorses, you’ll unlock a new minigame to earn rewards. We’ll explain everything you need to know about seahorse racing in this Dave the Diver guide.

How to race seahorses in Dave the Diver

During chapter three of Dave the Diver, you’ll be able to start seahorse racing. First, you’ll need to complete a specific quest to unlock this feature. Enter the Game Parlor in the Sea People Village to start this quest. Specifically, talk to Linchen, and she’ll ask that you catch four runaway seahorses.

Dave The Diver Seahorse Racing Guide Game Parlor

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Once that’s complete, you’ll be able to start racing seahorses. Competing in seahorse races can earn you Bei, a new currency usable in the Sea People Village. Now whenever you want to start racing, talk to Yami, who you can see standing by the door. There are multiple options to choose from. You can either Race, Manage, or Register your seahorses.

Now that you have a Bug Net, you can catch any seahorse you find during your dives. If you don’t send them to the kitchen, you can select Register with Yami to use them during a race. Selecting Manage allows you to view your array of seahorses and their stats. Keep catching seahorses to find better and faster ones, since the first one they give you isn’t very good.

Dave The Diver Seahorse Racing Guide Obstacles

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Once you actually start a race, you can choose from different race ranks. You should try to knock out the easiest ones before you tackle anything tough. Choose which seahorse you’ll use, and the race should begin. During a race, you can either Cheer, Jump, or Slide. By pressing the Cheer button, it’ll make your seahorse swim faster. Keep in mind that you should keep the speed bar in the green, and don’t exceed it into the red.

In tougher races, you’ll start seeing obstacles in the seahorses’ way. Jump or Slide depending on which type of obstacle is in your way. You can still Cheer while this is happening to keep their speed up. If you win the race, you’ll earn a lot of Bei. Not only are there Solo Races, but you can also do Team Races with four seahorses for even more Bei. Now that you’ve read this guide to seahorse racing in Dave the Diver, there are quite a few races to try out!

Dave the Diver is available on Steam.

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