Destiny 2 Crucible matchmaking changes to benefit high-skill players

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Bungie’s most recent game update includes Destiny 2 Crucible matchmaking changes designed to ensure better connections and matchmaking speeds for the FPS game‘s top-skilled players, according to a tweet from the official Bungie Help Twitter account.

“We are making some targeted adjustments to matchmaking in Control. Our goal is to improve matchmaking speed and connections for players in higher skill bands,” the tweet reads.

It also includes a note to let players know that if they experience issues related to this change, they can submit them to Bungie’s official help forum.

Bungie doesn’t say what changes it implemented, but the update does address an issue that can prove to be a constant challenge in competitive shooting games.

Game developers often implement matchmaking based on player skill to ensure balanced competition. Though some people find the concept unfair outside of ranked games, such matchmaking keeps the game enjoyable for casual and less-skilled players, who typically constitute most of a game’s playerbase.

However, these fixes often mean that players at the top tier often have to wait a long time for matches while the game struggles to match them with competitors that can also compete at a high skill level. These players might also matchmake with someone in a different region, which can cause issues with lag and hit registration.

Therefore, iterations to the matchmaking process tend to be welcome, as doing so can help balance the tradeoff between long wait times and weak competition. This is particularly true in a more casual-friendly game mode like Control, which, despite being PvP, isn’t necessarily a highly competitive activity and therefore attracts players of all skill levels.

Bungie began to overhaul its skill-based matchmaking system at the beginning of Season 18. The game developer hopes to continue iterating throughout Season 19 until the team feels matchmaking is in a solid place for both seasoned players and New Lights.

Bungie also introduced a handful of other fixes with Hotfix Highlights include a fix to correct Mindbender’s Ambition (Adept) failing to drop with two perks in the left trait column, a fix to reduce the number of Headless Ones needed to be defeated in Haunted Lost Sectors to earn a specific triumph, and several minor changes to the Festival of the Lost Event Card.

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