Destiny 2 Is Aiming To Become More Social Than Ever With Improved LFG And Guardian Rank Systems

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As Destiny 2 starts the Season of Plunder and inches closer to its 2023 expansion Lightfall, Bungie has begun outlining its plans to make the game more approachable to new players. Some of these quality-of-life changes include loadouts, but on the social side of Destiny 2 you can expect improved Looking-For-Game, quicker matchmaking, and player recommendation options.

LFG elements have been tested out in Destiny 2 before in the form of guided game Raids, and once Lightfall goes live, Bungie plans to introduce a more streamlined service that gets players into activities more quickly. You’ll be able to find groups looking for players or build your own squad for specific activities, with the end goal being a collaborative effort where experienced players can guide rookies and new Guardians can learn from seasoned Destiny 2 veterans.

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Guardian Commendations is a feature that will be experienced at the end of an activity, allowing you to choose a Guardian and leave feedback through one of several cards. Some of the cards shown include Joy Bringer for enriching experiences, Selfless for players who prioritized the needs of other players, and Heroic for those Guardians who helped save a team from defeat in an activity.

These Commendations can then be viewed by the receiving Guardian in their character menu, allowing them to see which aspects of Destiny 2 that they excel at and which areas they can improve in.

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