Destiny 2’s 2021 “is going to be a little different”

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It looks like Bungie is making some changes to how Destiny 2 operates. Assistant game director Joe Blackburn took to Twitter to share that he still believes that Destiny 2’s best days are ahead, though Bungie has work to do to get there.

“Last year, I said Destiny’s Best Days are ahead. Seeing what’s coming, I believe this more than ever,” he says. “But we have work to do to get there. 2021 is going to be a little different for Destiny. Taking some time to validate our plans, but expect a state of Destiny 2021 next season.”

Little more is offered than that, though Bungie does address some points of criticism in a recent blog post. The Stasis Hunter’s Shatterdive ability and Fissures fragment have been nerfed as they were proving to be overbearing in the Crucible. The dominance of Stasis subclasses has also been mentioned, and the team is looking into it. Senior community manager Dmg04 also shares that the team is in an active conversation about PvP, though Bungie will share more later.

Another point of recent discussion is Destiny 2’s rewards. Bungie revealed that Moon and Dreaming City-related rewards are being reissued, so players have more gear to shoot for. The space game’s various vendors are also getting some attention to ensure that they remain worthwhile, mainly tied to how you earn reputation.

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