Detective Game The Case of the Golden Idol Announced

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A new kind of puzzle game, Playstack (Mortal Shell) is teaming up with Color Gray Games for their latest project: The Case of the Golden Idol.

In this title, players will discover clues that surround 12 strange and gruesome deaths. One will have to build their own theory, pick their suspect, deduce the motive, and unmask the awful truth.

Learn more with the trailer below:

The Case of the Golden Idol – Official Reveal Trailer

Color Gray Games’ co-founder Andrejs Klavins said the following:

“It was very important to us that we do not hold the player’s hand, respect their intelligence and intuition, and let them discover for themselves.”Andrejs Klavins

Andrejs added:

“The other element that was very exciting for us is that we built a bigger story around these eleven deaths. So information from one scene may be crucial in helping you understand what happened in the wider narrative. What you uncover in one case could add context to ones you’ve previously solved, or may even help you solve scenes that stumped you previously.”Andrejs Klavins

You can find a demo of the game here.

Source: Press Release

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