Disney Dreamlight Valley critters have players waking up at 2am

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The Disney Dreamlight Valley critters are some of the life game‘s most adorable residents, but in order to collect them all as companions you’ll need to sacrifice some sleep.

One of the most important parts of any life sim is balancing your residents’ schedules. Some characters are early risers, some are night owls; there’s a lot to keep track of.

Turns out that the Disney Dreamlight Valley animals also keep to a pretty tight schedule, with some only being active during the early hours of the morning. While some avid fans see time as simply an illusion, others who have commitments or, alternatively, like to touch real-life grass, have expressed concerns that they’re never going to be able to add some of the rarest critters to their animal menagerie.

“Yeah I love this game… but I’m not waking up at 2am to collect a trash panda or a bird. We need a better system for the critters,” writes one player on the DDV subreddit, prompting a whole swathe of upvotes and a lot of comments.

“Same,” reads one response. “I will not be getting up between 12am and 6am on a Sunday for a white squirrel. It’s a no from me. I don’t care.” This is echoed by another fan who asks “how people that work or are in school supposed to do that?”

One fan proposes that the devs “rotate the times so everyone with all schedules can complete their collection. Like every few weeks it shifts like seasons,” and another notes “all they have to do is give [the game] a 12 hour timer. Six hours is just needlessly unfair for many.”

On the flip side, one player writes “I think it’s okay to have a few collectibles in the game that aren’t super easy, as long as it doesn’t negatively effect the gameplay for players who can’t get them.”

“Yes getting up early for several weeks is a pain but there’s no reason to get up at 2am when he’s still going to be there at 7:30am,” reads a final response.

As someone who is a little too obsessed with collectibles I can see the issue. I would love to be able to do a Snow White and have a whole forest of furry friends, but as someone who works it is difficult to achieve that in Dreamlight Valley. A rotating schedule would be a good way around this, but ultimately it doesn’t ruin the experience so I can understand why the devs aren’t desperate to make changes.

Either way, I’ll still be diving into one of the best Disney games to date and trying out all of the Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes. If you’re wondering who I plan on hosting an elaborate dinner party for, be sure to check out our rundown of all the Disney Dreamlight Valley characters to see who you’d be inviting to your shindig.

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