Dragon Age: Dreadwolf alpha is now playable from start to finish

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BioWare says its hotly anticipated forthcoming RPG game Dragon Age 4 is now playable from start to finish. The Dragon Age: Dreadwolf alpha milestone was announced in a game update posted by general manager Gary McKay on EA’s official site, and it says it means production can now turn to working on visuals, pacing, and the elements “that matter most to our fans.”

“Now that we’re finally able to experience the entire game, for me, my favourite part is the characters,” McKay writes. “Whether followers, allies, or villains, they’re woven into the game in ways that take a concept that’s always been a part of the Dragon Age DNA – stories about people – and push it further than ever before.”

McKay says Dreadwolf will take players to the city of Minrathous, a place that so far has only been hinted at in the Dragon Age series.

“It’s a city built on and fuelled by magic, and the ways in which that has come through in its visual identity, and what that looks like in comparison to previous cities we’ve visited in Dragon Age, are pretty spectacular,” McKay says.

There’s no official Dragon Age 4 release date announced yet, and as insiders reported earlier this year, there was no chance it was going to come out in 2022. However, it sounds as though development is progressing at a good pace, so we’ll likely be hearing more about that before too long.

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