Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Gameplay Overview Released

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The latest trailer for Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince provides a gameplay overview for the title.

Tasking players with becoming the master of monsterkind, players will take control of the demon prince Psaro as he sets out to become a Monster Wrangler. As he creates an unstoppable army, he travels the lands of Nadiria with the kind-hearted elf Rose. In order to create high-ranking monsters, Psaro will use the power of Synthesis to combine them for stronger offspring.

There are more than 500 monsters in all to unlock, pulling from franchise favorites, dark lords, and completely new creatures. One is also able to battle against other Monster Wranglers worldwide.

Learn more with the trailer below:

DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: The Dark Prince | Gameplay Introduction

Those looking to play Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince won’t have to wait long; it is slated to release for the Nintendo Switch on December 1. A demo is also available for the game on the Nintendo eShop.

Pre-orders for the game include the Head Start Set, which includes The Mole Hole / Gothic Vestment, Coach Joe’s Dungeon Gym / Cake-Maker’s Clobber, and Treasure Trunks / Monstrous Mail.

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