Elden Ring drawing pad run could be the weirdest one yet

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A Twitch streamer known for creative approaches to gameplay has embarked on an Elden Ring drawing pad run where she’ll tie her moves to different drawing motions on the device. The streamer, Luality, has previously played Elden Ring using just a dance pad, and fans are hoping for her success with the drawing pad endeavour as well in one of the best fantasy games on PC.

Although it seems nearly impossible to slaughter large enemies without so much as a button press, a recent stream shows Luality leveraging substantial damage against game bosses.

In her stream, viewers can watch her drawing movements, which appear as a pink overlay on the audience’s view of the game. In choosing to show it off this way, people can easily track her pen movements as she moves through the world to explore the terrain and fight monsters.

It seems Luality has a passion for Souls games and those in a similar vein, as other games she’s played on her dance pad include Bloodbourne, Dark Souls, and Demon Souls. Elden Ring is a notoriously punishing game, so Luality is definitely in for a challenge as she continues her run.

Esports personality Jake Lucky first brought attention to Luality by sharing the drawing pad run. You can watch Luality’s first Elden Ring drawing pad broadcast here. Even if she fails, it takes incredible skill to approach such a complicated game this way, so she’s already more than earned our admiration.

Luality isn’t the only streamer who has attempted seemingly impossible gaming feats using alternatives to traditional controllers or mouse and keyboard setups. Other controller-type items that people have used to try to beat Elden Ring include a modded Guitar Hero guitar, Ring Fit, and even a Fisher-Price gaming PC controller.

Regardless of what type of controls you use to play it, Elden Ring is widely revered as one of the best PC games of 2022. If you’re late to the party, you’ll want to check out our guide to Elden Ring classes to learn more about how to build your character.

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