Elden Ring publisher’s surprise free game is 97% positive on Steam

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Bandai Namco is probably best known these days as the publisher of the brutally tough, consistently violent, and thematically oppressive work of Elden Ring and Dark Souls creator FromSoftware. And yet, this is not all the company puts out. For example, its latest launch, which has more in common with Katamari Damacy than Dark Souls 3, is called Doronko Wanko and is all about an adorable little Pomeranian dog’s mission to absolutely trash its home before its owner realizes what it’s doing.

The free game popped up on Steam earlier this week and, in the two days it’s been available, Doronko Wanko has managed to net itself a ‘very positive’ rating from players, with 97% of its user reviews marked as positive at the time of writing.

This isn’t too surprising since the game seems like internet catnip (albeit catnip that stars a dog). Doronko Wanko casts players as a Pomeranian that’s been left unattended and is determined to use the opportunity to mess up its house before its owner gets wise. In fact, the game’s title translates to ‘Muddy Puppy.’

This is done by having the dog roll in mud before splashing its surroundings. Over time, the Pomeranian unlocks new areas of the house to destroy, racks up a dollar amount of total damage as it wreaks havoc, and gets access to tools that help it spread the mess even further. There are also hats, like a halo floating over the puppy’s head, that can be unlocked and worn.

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You can play Doronko Wanko for free on Steam right here.

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